Anastasia Tarasova, Nizhny Novgorod Russia

First Name:Anastasia
Last Name:Tarasova
City:Nizhny Novgorod
Birth Date:March 8, 1980
Hairs color:Fair
Eyes color:Green
Children:Has no children

  • (13, 9, 05)

    There is a woman on your site that is trying to scam money from men oversea's. Her name is Anastasia Tarasova and her is
    I have e-mails to my regular e-mail address that can prove this.

    Thank you Kent Chittenden

    Her real address is: Since I sent her a card. The address she is using now for her profile is not her real address.

    Tarasova Anastasia
    99 Druzhby street, an apartment 19
    Region Mari El, 424000

  • Jag
  • (8, 11, 07)

    so why not to show us that email to prove your word?