Irina Korotkova, Omsk Russia

First Name:Irina
Last Name:Korotkova
Birth Date:August 18, 1977
Hairs color:Black
Eyes color:Green
Children:Has no children

  • (9, 8, 05)

    I wanted to let you know that the girl you have on your site Irina Korotkova # did scam me for money, also her last name she says is not Korotkova , but she said it is Teterina , I would hope that you would let the people involved wih your company about this , and if their is anyway to prosecute her I would like to know .It could be fraud I would think , I would want to see her in prison , this should be a crime .Please do all you can to help in this matter. It would be greatly appreciated . Thank You , Gary Blatney
    Also I think that on her profile photo you should leave it where it can be viewed , but write scammer across the picture , so people she may know will see this and realize what type of person she is .

  • Mark
  • (26, 3, 07)

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