Mariya Lehtina, Yoshkar-Ola Russia

First Name:Mariya
Last Name:Lehtina
Birth Date:August 5, 1981
Hairs color:Fair
Eyes color:Brown
Children:Has no children
Education:Medical school

  • (20, 2, 09)

    Letter #1Hello , dear !I am so flattered with your answer! This new acquaintance can be a beginning of something wonderful in our lives. I do hope for this. We barely know each other but I am interested in everything that is connected with you and your life. I want to dedicate time to our letters and get to know you much better then I know you now. I like to communicate with people , get to know someone new and it is only a pity from all the people I have met I still haven't found the right one for me .. I agree with you that it is very important for two people to be compatible in bed , sex is an important part of relations. I like to be naughty, to tease my man, play with him... you know what I am talking about:) I need a man who is tender and passionate with me, who is not afraid to show ,me his passion – are you such a type ? Tell me more about yourself, it will be my pleasure to read your life story. I will tell you a peace of my life story, too:) I find myself to be a usual Ukrainian girl. In my childhood I used to play with boy and never wore skirts:) I was very naughty little girl. With time I get older and grew up in a mature lady ,people around me say I turned from an ugly little duck into a swan:)But I never really consider myself to be a pretty lady. I am 25 now , I am 169 cm high and my weight is 51kg,I try to keep in shape. I was born and raised in Belovodsk, it is a small town in the east of Ukraine in Lugansk region . I love my native place with all my heart , I keep the warmest memories from this place . Now I live in our regional center because I study here. I learn History and Law, some people find them to be boring but I do not thinkso! When I finish my studies I would like to work as a teacher , I think it is great to have a chance to ass your knowledge to other people. My friend Marianna Tumasova is also looking for husband. Please tell me if you have friend to meet her. I am always full of energy and new ideas, I like to be in a move. I adore different kinds of sports , I enjoy swimming, aerobics, jogging in the mornings - I keep in shape :) I am a sociable person and I easily get on well with other people. I often go out with my friends to our local pubs to listen to live music, especially saxophone , you like it? I like to sit and talk about this and that sharing a cup of coffee or a fine meal . I love spicy food, Mexican, Japanese and Chinese meals. I am down-to-earth person and I do not need luxuries, I enjoy life like it is and everything that it canoffer to me.Dear , I hope my letter touched your heart as yours did to mine. I will be longing for your answer and the life story that you will share with me. I wish you to have a great day and do not forget that some lady on the other side of the world is waiting to hear from you.Warmly,Mariya

  • Ron
  • (28, 10, 07)

    what the best way to know if these women are serious how will a man know if their out for true love our if their playing you if a women ask for money for help with visa our for her travel expensees what would be the beat
    way to insure myself and be protected against fraud i been writing a girl from russia she said she need 303 euros for a phiscial and for the travel agency she will be using i would be at heart to do this i been writing to her for 3months at the most i beleive ill write to her for a long period of time to see how serious her intentions are if you snd a girl a plane ticket can she cash the ticket in and the forget me if i would pay for her visa how would be the best way to pay for it do make arrange ments with her travel agency she has choosen and if you pay this travel agency can she bail out and cash in on the money i send the travel agency if you know of any travel agency in yoshurka ola russia or a list of a highly reptiable services that not a scamm agency please in form me thank you ron

  • (11, 10, 07)

    I read someones comments about taking a week off and going to Russia and mtg. ( whoever) and spending every day w/her and making her get visa etc.... That is absolutely rediculous. The U.S embassy will tell you flat out that you can purchase tickets for her and they DO NOT have to be purchased in Russia. Also they are not REQUIRED to buy them before the consular interview like many will tell you. Matter of fact they tell them NOT to buy them until AFTER the interview. Also all this travel Ins. and visa costs etc... their prices are always way exagerated. My advice is much simpler and cost effective as opposed to a week off trip to Russia. Know the process and it will help weed out the scammers. U.S enbassy in Russia has website advice and answers many questions you will have.

  • (7, 9, 05)

    she scammed me into sending her 1500 usd. i have western union receipts to prove this. also, i have e-mails asking for the money. i hope you can remove her so she can't hurt anyone else. she is not a nice girl.

  • Hi
  • (12, 9, 07)

    can we chat in and you