Marina Malseva, Kazan Russia

First Name:Marina
Last Name:Malseva
Birth Date:August 27, 1980
Hairs color:Black
Eyes color:Green
Children:Has no children

  • Dale
  • (16, 11, 06)

    Vistor's Visa was confirmed a fraud by the US and Canadian Embassy in Moscow. She has many alias's : Marina marinohka, malseva, malt'seva,
    Ekaterina Dmitrieva, Katya Sorokina google her and you will find everything!! She has friends also:


    City: Kazan, Yoshkar-Ola

    Check out all the photos at :

  • Mark
  • (23, 9, 07)

    This one looks like the one-Mashka to was in photo's that Marina Matveeva sent.

  • (19, 8, 05)

    is a scammer! First says her purse was stolen and needs money to continue correspondence, then it is not safe for me to come to her country as there are many gangsters! needs money for visa and passport as she has never left Kazan, 680 US dollars, then needs money for airline ticket, 1640 Us dollars, and finally, stranded at the Customs House in Moscow as they will not allow her to board the plane without 3500 US dollars cash!
    If you google her name, you will find her listed under at least 10 web sites.
    She is good as I have corresponded with her for at least 9 months, but one lie always leads to another! She got greedy!!

  • Damien
  • (8, 11, 06)

    Marina ( NB3118 ) still refuses to remove her profile from their site, maybe they support her scamming activities