Julia Voloshinova, Severodonetsk Ukraine

Name Julia
Last Name Voloshinova
Country Ukraine
City Severodonetsk
Birth Date 7 October 1984
Heigth 167 cm
Hair Blond
Weight 50 kg
Eye Grey
Children I have no children.
Education College

  • (11, 12, 06)

    ...these reports exist and she was terminated from www.foreignbrides.ru

  • Kevin
  • (15, 12, 06)

    I had communication with Julia in 2005 when her address was :
    The 16th Line Street 7, Apt.99
    Voloshinova Julia

    Communication was always pleasant and no request for money was ever made, however she suddenly severed all contact with an e-mail accusation that she no longer believed in my sincerity. I simply assumed she had found someone better than I. An e-mail to her address(julia77777) had been terminated along with her profile.

  • (29, 12, 06)


    I spoke to her / him earlier this year for a few months, very nice letters, wanted to come to the UK as a Student and then asked me to send her money. I didn’t send anything and she stopped emailing me.