Olga Sychyova, Cheboksary Russia

# Letter:

Hello my love !
My love I is very glad to receive your letter. And to read it! My love
I very strongly love you and I wish to be with you all life! My
darling I ask you try to write to me every day letters because they
are for me a drink of fresh air in this life.
My darling I shall be glad, if you will give me number and that I
shall necessarily call to you. My darling you will not be against?? My
darling I cannot give number as at me it is not present. I very
strongly wish to talk to you and we can discuss with you my trip to
you my love! I think, that every day we with you become closer to
realization of our dream, that is ours with you than a meeting my
love. My darling it is ready to you to arrive though right now. My
love unfortunately I have no such money to arrive to you. For me it
very much greater money, I never in a life saw them. I have asked in
loans my friends and all close friends, but they too have no such
money. My prince all hope only on you. My darling very much it is not
convenient to me to ask at you of money, but my prince at me simply is
not present a choice.
My darling today till a dinner I went to travel agency and learned how
many the trip to you will cost. My darling to me have told, that the
visa in costs 200 euros, and the ticket up to there are 800 euros. My
darling I have not fallen nearly when has heard such sum because is
huge for me. At me very small salary and I never can save up it! My
love I hope only for you that you have helped me with such huge sum!
Wash love I simply I do not find to myself a place without you because
you for me became an overall objective in this life. You my star which
shine in the sky and to which I go, and I know, that very soon I shall
with you!
My love went and learned, how it will be easier to you to send me of
money. My prince the manager of bank have advised the Western Union.
My love that you could send me of money, you need to know my full name
and a surname and the country.
Here my data:
Name: Olga
Surname: Sychyova
The country: Russia
City: Cheboksary
My dear and that I have received your money to me too it is necessary
to know your full name, a surname, the country, city and a
ten-character code.
My love I all time think only of us with you my darling. you an
ideal which I so long waited, I waited for you all life. I do not wish
you to lose, because I know, that I cannot find another the man and I
can not love it as I love you now ! My darling I think only of
our future life with you together as we see each other every day. We
see as we grow with you children and we enjoy every day ours with you
a life. our dream close to realization, now it is necessary to
make only a first step to its realization. My love I very strongly
hope for your help! I very strongly love you and I wish to be with
you. I shall wait your letter!
Your Love Olga.