Tatiana Stepanova, Zaporojie Ukraine

First Name:Tatiana
Last Name:Stepanova
Birth Date:November 9, 1982
Hairs color:Fair
Eyes color:Green
Children:Has no children

  • Tatiana
  • (17, 1, 07)

    Don't judge and will not be judged

  • Mac75
  • (3, 9, 07)

    You did something what negatively effects other people and the letters like those can protect from people like you. He is an honest man and you are the scum of the earth Tatiana. what goes around, comes around.

  • Guest again
  • (18, 10, 08)

    By the way, since 2001 to 2006 doctor Frantz Brignol was STILL looking for a Ukrainian. Surprizing, ha?

  • (22, 9, 06)


    I am writing you to report a big scammer in your agency who is practicing false engagement with men. Her name is Tatiana Stepanova and her number is . I first met her through your agency last November. I visited her in Ukraine and she told me to file for a fiancee visa for her upon my return and to help her financially until she is with me in the USA. She asked me for $300 a month. I agreed and filed for her visa and send her $300 every month as she requested. As soon as her visa was approved she told me she is sorry and that she can't continue the relationship and she doesn't want to come to America anymore. Then immediately she posted her profile on your site again to find another unsuspected man to do the same thing to him. I read that some other girls are doing the same thing to foreigners. This girl is one of those scammers that will discredit your respected website. I would like you to delete her profile and add her to your list of scammers so she doesn't keep doing that to men who are looking for marriage.

    Please, write me and let me know your about this matter.


    Dr. Frantz Brignol

  • Guest
  • (18, 10, 08)

    Frantz, if you are so unlucky with Ukrainian girls, then why are you still searching for them? Look around in your Florida, near you, doctor.