Alina Chapligina, Lugansk Ukraine

First Name:Alina
Last Name:Chapligina
Birth Date:December 2, 1982
Hairs color:Black
Eyes color:Hazel
Children:Has no children

  • Martin
  • (10, 11, 06) : This website has a very tricky system that makes it look like legitimate to steer single and naive men towards agencies the owner has partnered with or owns (the owner also operates ).

    The owners full name is jim **, a former English language teacher. Though he is trying to hide and have made his websites register information anonymous, but we found out both of his websites to be registered to:

    His website is a (marketing tool) for his scam dating networks that have fake sales sites but no contact with ladies, and often not even an office. They are virtual offices, often run out of homes in the US.

    It appears, that he is adding bogus listings of ladies as scammers just to appear that he is actively anti-scam. Worse yet, he has stolen a part of his scammers blacklist from other anti-scam websites. He did not make his blacklists himself but did steal all the photo's from other blacklists.

    His Gold list is a fake; he recommends his agency, agencies that he works for and those who do pay him. (He recommends agencies as being scam-free for at least 300$ a month!.) Agencies he recommends are filled with Lugansk scammers, so for some dollars a month he is a scam expert that recommends the whole Lugansk scam-mafia!. (Lugansk is a city in Ukraine). And what he won't tell you one of his reputable agencies was before in court for scamming. This criminal won't answer any questions because he has no intention of helping anybody except himself.

  • Vicky
  • (12, 2, 2010)

    guys, those photos belong to girls from ukrainian popula music band "Alibi"...and their names really are Alina and Anya

  • Martin
  • (25, 3, 07)

    Nobody does know about Jim McDonald. He went to Samara in Russia in 2000 to teach english at the Volga Centre in Samara at Nova Sadovaya Street. His salaery was 450$ a month and he did get a free flat at Moskovskoe Shosse in Samara. He did start a blacklist to lure men to use his recommended agencies. Everybody who does pay him 20$ a month can come in his GoldList, anybody who does not pay will come in his blacklist. He does recommend p**nsites, scamagencies all for money, but does blacklist other agencies doing so. He does personally recommend scamagency Love Agency (before 2 Oceans of Love) in Lugansk because they pay him well!!!! He does recommend Elenas Models from maf*a-queen Elena Petrova because she does pay up to 50% in her affilliate program, who does not recommend such agency. Elenas Models has a fake online system, when 5 new girls come online the first 5 online girls do disappear. Number two recommended agency A Foreign Affair has lots of p**n-sites owned by the infamous John Adams.
    Jim does tell not to use agencies where the adresses cost more than 10$ each, but Kherson Girls and Kiev Connections from his Goldlist do charge 28,50 $ for one adress, so please avoid these agencies, like he told you. He does recommend Seeking You, look in their data-base and search for Ni*eria, hundreds of scammers do appear (often without photo) Who does do him something? Jim McDonald living Moskovskoe Shosse in Samara, the *dedovtchina* from all agencies, jim ,Superscammer.

  • Fr
  • (4, 1, 07)

    Alina Chapligina is also to find on the site under ID 81072

    This is her name and adress,
    Tatyana Manokhyna

    kv. Zarechny, 17/54

    Lugansk, Ukraine

    I send some photos I was receive from her

    I hope U can use this information,

  • (18, 12, 04)

    Hi and Happy new year !
    I got in youch with one lady of your agency, but she may be a scam....
    ID is (Alina Chapligina)
    I found her on these sites :
    Please let me know ;-)