Gulnara Barieva, Kazan Russia

First Name:Gulnara
Last Name:Barieva
Birth Date:December 20, 1978
Hairs color:Brown
Eyes color:Brown
Children:Has no children

  • Tony
  • (23, 5, 09)

    yes i also got a phone call from her it was really bizzare, she was telling me about going to moscow and out of the blue she suddenly wispers Don't send any money,if i had to guess i think someone is forcing her to do all this,i seen a few scammers in my time but i have to say this one, i do feel sorry for

  • MrD
  • (18, 8, 08)

    Yea i had this one sending me stuff a while back also i would say 2004 ,she even sent me picture with my name written on the ground,and family recipe,even once phoned me and strangely got cut off when i asked who was that shouting at her in the background,,,,very strange scammer indeed

  • Paul uk
  • (5, 4, 09)

    Yea i have had the simliar thing with this girl,but it was a webcam,someone hit and the cam suddenly got cut off,the emails stoped and i have not heard from her since this was around 2005 - 2006 i think

  • Igor
  • (9, 10, 09)

    I am russian Living in england,I think i have meet this women ,seems she finally ran away made her way to england illegally to be with someone,they was forcing her to scam,she was complaining she had to go back to russia,as she needed to come back on a married visa,has a child now also

  • (8, 11, 05)

    This is a new scammer. I had her writing to me and "falling in love" a little and then she went quiet, she had been picked up on the original email address. The trick is to send a few "internet cards" saying hello, etc, the scammers never open them, this one did not either.

    Will you shut her down please and blacklist her and I will contact all the other sites and contact Western Union also, thankyou :-)