Irina Shalagina, Kirov Russia

First Name:Irina
Last Name:Shalagina
Birth Date:November 23, 1978
Hairs color:Blond
Eyes color:Blue
Children:Has no children

  • (15, 12, 05)

    this lady is a pro at this scammer
    you will find her on

    # Name: Tatyana GOLOVKINA
    # E-mail:
    # Address: Russia, Naberehznye Chelny,
    # Phone: +7-8362505507
    # Seen at: She then had me switch to external email and begain sending photos. I spoke to AS and they removed her profile forthwith.

    # Details: She asked for money so she could show at her exit that she had $1000 with her. She had $650 and needed another $350. I smelled a rat (didn't know about scams yet) I called Western Union and they told me DO NOT SEND MONEY, she seems to be receiving thousands/week from various men. They are beginning an investigation.

    2d report:

    First name: Irina
    Last name: Vidyakina
    Country: Russia
    City: Kazan
    Details: She (or whoever is) just contacted me and then started to send emails with a lot of wording and pictures. From the first couple of emails I found that there was a scam. I decided to continue to get the more information I could to uncover her. All her emails are just copy of many available in other scam websites, with a few changes to make them look good.
    She also uses this other email: under the name of Natalia.
    When she finally talked about money, her requirement was for 1,600. I said it was too much and then she asked just for 400. She asked me to send it via WesternUnion, to this address:

    Vidyakina Irina
    Russia, the city of Kazan, street Korolenko 58A,

    Reported by: Adrian

    3d report:
    Firts name: Tatyana
    Last name: Golovkina
    Country: Russia
    City: Kazan
    Details: same modus operandi. Ask for money for visa and ticket to US, to be sent by WesternUnion.

    Reported by: Diddier

    # First reported: Bob Greenberg
    date: 2005-08-23