Nadezhda Akieva, Yoshkar-Ola Russia

First Name:Nadezhda
Last Name:Akieva
Birth Date:December 9, 1975
Hairs color:Black
Eyes color:Hazel
Children:Has no children

  • (26, 9, 05)

    I should inform you that lady Nadezhda (Nadya)Akieva, , has featured prominently on scammer info & photos on the "" and one other dating agency scammer reports.

  • Anthony Gustis
  • (10, 11, 06)

    I was scammed by this woman. She first tried the travel scam, I didn't buy it (too smart for that). I did send money for a number of things she wanted, and I visited her in Y-O in March 2006! After my return she hit me with the "Mom had a heart attack and needs surgury" scam! She also tried the "Send lots of money to save me from the Russian Mafia" scam. To the last entry, what was the address she gave you to send the flowers? Was it 91-14 Sovetskaya? I have just issued a warrent with the Russian MVD for her arrest, it's just a matter of hours now. I invite all men who have been scammed by Nadya Akieva to e-mail me, and I will assist you to file a criminal complaint against her to recover your money.

  • N/a
  • (1, 11, 06)

    this woman is currently claiming to pregnant and sends convincing photos. I sent flowers to the address she provided me, they were delivered, but she never mentioned receiving them, and I never told her I was forwarding flowers! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PERSON!!!! She hasn't asked for money yet, but it's right around the corner I can feel it.