Marina Malseva, Kazan Russia

First Name:Marina
Last Name:Malseva
Birth Date:September 27, 1980
Hairs color:Black
Eyes color:Green
Children:Has no children
Profession:Executive Assistant

  • (24, 8, 07)

    A Real 'SCAMMER' Keep away from her! Many alias's

  • Steve Barnett
  • (1, 8, 09)

    Hey, Since America fought on the side of Communism during WWII and since we allowed the Jewish Commies to murder the Eastern Europeans, then we owe these girls. I mean if a nice looking girl has some old fat abstard writing to her and she doesn't want him why not hit him up for some money. It's not illegal for someone to write to a legit woman and she ask him for money and if he sends it it's her money to do as she wishes. But if people use fake photos and only get into it to con people, then that's different. The Communist Jews have Christians giving the Jews money through a guy named Eckstein. He asks Christians for money to feed Jews and to fly them to Israel. The Russians have nobody sending them money. They can't even leave Russia for pleasure on a moments notice. They have to wait months for a visa. I went to Ukraine and was in contact with a lady. I had no trouble with her, but I had trouble with the Jewish translator she found. But she must have been a stupid Ukraine woman, because her son could speak English. The Jews murdered those people for 70 years and nobody did a damn thing. Is murdering millions and torturing them better than woman who get a few hundred dollars sent to them. The Jewish Commies have never had to answer for the millions they killed. Many are in Israel and many are in America. They hound old men that used to be guards at camps or whatever in America all the time, but leave the Communist Jews alone. No doubt every single Jew that came to America from Eastern Europe was a former Communist party member. No doubt on the immigration papers they are aske if they are a member of a subversive organization and this surely means Communism, but I'll bet every last Commie Jew said no to them being a Commie. This means every single last Jew that came from Europe after WWII can and should be deported and sent back to Europe. But our Jew controlled government won't hamr these Jewish bastards. Not only that but every Jew that comes to America claims they were persecuted in Europe and we give them $7,500 from our social security. So let the Russian women have some money. But you can arrest the professionals, but we and England and France are responsible for fighting on the side of Communism. Now we are bombing and destroying Iraq and Afghanistan for oil and so the CIA can get the opium growing in Afghanistan again. So can some of those women write to American men and maybe have them send them a few hundred dollars, because maybe they are poor, because we bombed and killed her husband and maybe her whole family. How about getting involved in the prostitution trade. Many thousands of Eastern Europeans women go to Israel for the promise of making legal money in a trade, but when they arrive the Jews steal their passports and force them into prostitution. They have to screw 15 hairy nasty Jews a day and all they get is something to eat. Their only hope is they are arrested. The scammers in Africa are using English phone numbers and they are getting people to send them their bank account numebrs and they clean out their bank accounts. Are you going after them? Why not, because they are in Africa? I hear they rob people of over $100,000,000 a year. I don't think these Russian girls are getting this much money, so go after the people who are the pros and leave the poor girls alone. Let them get a mittle payback for all the bastards who did nothing while the Jews murdered people in their family. Every family lost someone to the Communists. That might be reflecting on these women today. If you are Russian you know the deal. You know those people had family memebrs murdered, so let individual women get some money. Now I don't agree with an agency using fake women and putting the money in their pocket.

  • Elena kvorova
  • (26, 12, 2011)

    I apologize for trying to scam a gentlemen out of $240.00 us dollars.this person try scamming me

  • Thomas johanns
  • (23, 10, 07)

    what can you tell me about korna@bestdominique in the ukraine says its a translation? goes by vika victoria