Natalya Trushko, Lugansk Ukraine

Name Natalya
Last Name Trushko
Country Ukraine
City Lugansk
Birth Date 10 June 1976
Heigth 169 cm
Hair Brown
Weight 51 kg
Eye Brown
Children I have a child.
Education College
Profession Manager

  • RED
  • (22, 3, 08)

    Heres a letter i received from a certain Marina Grigorieva of russia. A date scammer:Hello my lovely!!!! Now the snow has again gone! I thought that allthe spring has begun! It simply makes all crazy! Everyone abuse ourgovernment! In such conditions nobody wishes to go for work as carshave no place to go! It is a problem! Such situation in many Cities ofRussia except for Moscow! There always and all problems solve theorder quickly! But in provinces all on another! Ok I shall not beabout problems! My love I already spoke that I found out from travelcompany that it is necessary for us to do that we were together. Mylove now for us the most important it to begin documents. After weshall pay for documents, it will start to be made. My love on it 1-2weeks is required. After there will be all it is known about documentsI can to get the ticket At a discount!!! Now the most important it tobegin documents. My love in given the moment to begin documents to meit is necessary 400 euro. After I shall pay this money to travelagency and to sign the contract, they will begin all documents. Mylove the earlier we shall pay, the more quickly they will start tomake all documents. All depends on us my dear! My love in travelagency to me also have told as better to send money. My love travelagent has told that the most convenient and fast way is the WesternUnion. My love you know this bank??? Western Union it is bank whichtransfers money this money. To send money to you it is necessary toknow my full data. I hope that you can find out about the WesternUnion. It is very popular bank. My love you only imagine that verysoon we shall together. My love I dreamt about us today at night. Isaw us with you together in a city late evening. We went on city,keeping for hands. We were in beautiful places, then we came into cosyrestaurant. We had supper. After that we send home. You have putbeautiful music, we danced. Then you have taken me on the hands andhas carried away in a bedroom. We had perfect night... Morning I haveprepared coffee for you and has brought it to you in bed. I have wokenup and has understood, that it dream only, became sad to me. I to wantto have all this in real life, my love! Ok my love I should finish myletter now. I with impatience shall wait your letter tomorrow. I wantthat you always knew that I love you very very much!!! your's lovingMarina. P.S. My data: Marina Grigorieva. City: Cheboksary.Street Nikolaeva. home 4-16. Russia.

  • Mike brown
  • (5, 3, 08)

    a russia women that i havr been righting to das not have enuf money to get here and wood like me to send her 1000 dollers to get here and i wont her but i was wondering if ther is a way to see if she is a skamer?

  • Stupidly in love
  • (18, 8, 09)

    when someone youve never met starts saying they love you, let a flag go up.I fell in love with a online dateing scammer, and it hurts so bad!I thought i had found my dream mate! it all came to screeching halt when they asked for $$ to be sent overseas!western union quickly please!I was totally fooled by the awesome pics, and flowery love letters!, Im so ashamed! I was even thinking of marriage! so, guys, be really careful with your heart , and money!! If someone is too busy to see you and talk much and offers the moon and stars, beware!! Now I have to figure out how to fix my identity information!! and it only took me ten minutes of searching to find out my scammer had scammed 200's or more,,probably much more, because some never figure it out, and others will never tell anyone or report it!

  • (10, 4, 07)

    I wonder how many there are!!! Natalia Trushko Ukraine, Lugansk, ul. Demehina 22/23

  • Hugo
  • (25, 11, 07)

    Maybe this a new kind of scam, maybe not, This time involved three woma
    n, natalyluba@gmail.c om Nataly Lubavenko (Natalka, Natasha), Julia Koroleva (suppossedly a travel agency manager), and Dasha the friend, so the usual story she was in love and wanted to meet me, so I sent money and then she said she lost a large portion of it and needed more, a good piece of advice is to contact the embassy if she claims she has obtained a visa. I saw her profile in, they were notified but the profile is still active, The money was requested in 2 occasions and via Western Uniom with the names Nataly Lubavenko (Natalka, Natasha) $300, $150020700, Smila town, Cherkasky region, Litvinova, 12/ Julia Koroleva (suppossedly a travel agency manager)$149020700, Smila town, Cherkasky region, Shevchenko,37

  • (23, 9, 07)


  • Rasta
  • (4, 12, 07)

    Hey Guys,I'm being scammed at the moment.I have someone who has randomly started emailing me. Appa
    rently she's seen my 'Profile' at which I have never heard of.The scammer does not know that I know the truth. I am still playing along with the scammer... What should I do.

  • Jt
  • (11, 9, 09)

    A woman from ghana has contacted me.and she seems very nice.and i started to fall in love with her.Do anyone know if Fareeza Ibrahim is a scammer. If anyone knows please contact me on