Melnikova Maria, Kirov Russia

Country Russia
City Kirov
Birth Date 10 July 1978
Height 170 cm / 5'7"
Weight 54 kg / 118 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
Children I have no children.
Education Medical school
Profession Doctor

  • Larry
  • (30, 1, 07)

    I recently received three letters from so-named Maria with all pictures shown here.

    Maria at e-mail addresses:

    She is working out of web site:

    She claims to be a nurse and lives with mother, an engineer.

    I agree, she does not read letters and did not see my direct questions to her.

    So there you have it!

  • (24, 1, 07)

    I suspected her immediately as one of the "Mari El" scammers (the IP address is Mari El and not Kirov) I sent her a garbage letter and link to her photo on a scammer web site, she responds again with a "normal" letter. She is imaginary woman and does not read the letters