Olga Sokolovskaia Kirov Russia


The scanned visa you sent to us is not a valid US visa.  We have searched the State Department's database of all non-immigrant visa applications and issuances.  No one meeting the description you provided has applied for or been issued a US visa either in Moscow or any other visa issuing post.

It appears that you have been targeted by a very common Russian Internet scam being used to defraud American men.  Prospective friends or fiancées will correspond at length with men in the US.  After some time, the correspondent will begin asking for living expenses, internet fees, medical treatment expenses, visa fees and transportation.  Often times these individuals will indicate a desire to visit the US, but inevitably problems arise (often requiring large sums of money).  Eventually, the correspondence will stop.  These scammers are very well practiced in what they do.  The US Embassy and the three Consulates in Russia have received several thousand reports of individuals victimized by such schemes.  Many of these men have sent thousands of dollars to their 'friend' in Russia. 

The anonymity of the internet masks the true name, age, nationality and even gender of the correspondents.  Most importantly, this anonymity masks their true intent.  We encourage you to visit the U.S. Embassy website at  moscow.usembassy.gov.  Click on American Citizen Services on the left.  On the new page, you will find FAQs covering internet scams on the left side of the page. 

You can find authoritative and complete information about requirements for Russians who wish to visit the U.S. at www.travel.state.gov.  This site gives specific requirements for the many visas types available.  You can also refer to moscow.usembassy.gov to find specific information about applying for a visa in Moscow. 

Since we are a diplomatic mission and not a law enforcement mission, you will need to go through the appropriate law enforcement channels should you find you have been defrauded.  I suggest that you contact your local police authorities or your local FBI office. Please feel free to visit the Internet Fraud Complaint Center hosted by the FBI at www.ifccfbi.gov in order to file a complaint.