Polina Titova, Rostov on Don Russia

Name Polina
Last Name Titova
Country Russia
City Rostov-on-Don
Birth Date 24 August 1981
Heigth 171 cm
Hair Blond
Weight 54 kg
Eye Hazel
Children I have no children.
Education College
Profession Psychologist

Here is the copy of email sent after just one email to her

Hello I was glad to receive from you the letter I so waited and have waited. To me it is not trusted at all that would be solved that I have arrived to you it was necessary at once on it will be solved also we would be together already for a long time. You wish to send me the ticket? To me so I will be more difficult travel for the first time and I do not know whence to take the ticket which have ordered, if you will send me of money for the ticket that to me I will be easier also already I shall go to Moscow with the ticket to me so it will be easier and more convenient probably you than me understand. The ticket costs 900 American dollars and you can send money addressed to my mother Korneeva Jainna through the western union you likely ask to yourself a question why on its name I shall e xplain to you if I the meal to you that to me should finish work and will take holiday therefore from me a hard time and there will be no time and mum can take away at once money at any time. I think that is necessary to us will meet already on January, 20th there are 5 days if you tomorrow will send me of money for the ticket that when mum will take away money I at once I shall book a ticket in your country and then 20 numbers I can already be with you but it depends again on you if you will detain again our meeting that term of the visa will end also to me it will be necessary other visa. Our meeting depends on you. Still wished ask you can send 100 more American dollars that I could to reach to Moscow and that at me does not suffice. As a result if you agree this that I ask from you 1000 American dollars and I think that you make what mistakes and a delay with our meeting. I shall not speak not to whom that you are going to invite again me even to mum it remains between us until then while you will not send me money for the ticket. I shall wait from you for the answer and your agreement my dear. I write to you and at me inside such sensation that it is a meeting will not occur likely because it is a meeting was planned already some times but not one has not occured. Certainly all depends on you from your desire. I shall wait for yours my dear while.

  • Lorne Martin
  • (9, 7, 07)

    This message is for Melissa. Did your father first meet her through YahooPersonals when she sent only an email address (no other message)? I may have been corresponding with Jainna for a few weeks. Send me an email with her picture, and I will send photo back if it is the same person.
    My email address is leallgood@yahoo.com.

  • Jon
  • (29, 7, 07)

    Yes ihave pictures of Jainna Korneeva and whre she wants money sent. She likes to use moneygram. How do I report this so we can get rid of her?

  • Gerald
  • (17, 5, 07)

    has anyone talked to Tatyana Popova in rostov on don ,russia

  • Stan
  • (1, 11, 07)

    do you know this lady jones priscillia3@yahoo.com

  • Loge
  • (8, 7, 07)

    I to have been contacted by this Jainna korneeva, I have seen this scam before and it is a scam, I have photos of here write to me at sdcjgagnon@yahoo.com. I still have their game going. I like to mess with them

  • Paul
  • (5, 8, 07)

    Why should get rid of Jainna? I met her on Yahoo personals too. We have been trading messages for about 2 weeks now, and I have been having such fun with her. I forward her messages to my friends and we get together on the phone and read them out loud. It is more entertainment than anything on tv today. One friend and I are trying to start a new way of speaking. We are going to call it the Jainna Dialogues.

    Yes, of course it is a scam

  • BOB
  • (5, 8, 07)


  • Jan
  • (23, 9, 07)

    I know this girl she try to scam me for a travel but what I do she is afraid to give me her address. She operate on site2date.com under name Svetlana ID 54599 and live now in Izhevsk and also known under name Mira Gromova. Be carefull with this girl!!

  • Melissa Martin
  • (19, 2, 07)

    Has anyone got any photo's of Jainna Korneeva, I think my father might be getting scammed

  • Alain
  • (15, 2, 07)

    I have just received one letter every day from the same Polina plus many photos. Because I had a bad experience two years ago and I have shared my experience with her, she didn't ask me anything yet. But I am gratefull to learn that she is a scammer. I am from Montreal, Canada

  • Lauren
  • (11, 8, 07)

    Like Bob, I met Jainna Korneeva through Yahoo and she has not asked for any money. Now her e-mail went dead. I wonder if this is the same person?
    She is blond, claims to be 30, lives in Kazan. If anyone as photo's I'd appreciate it.

  • (22, 1, 2010)

    It is so obvious that all these girls are scammer or rather the reseaux of mails and messages are very clumsy.I get letters and messages form Mexico,Africa and all the Eastern block,but I trap them very quickly.My first reply is in French,then I switch to English and sometimes even reply in Ukranian or Russian as they are using the same translation sites.If a girl speaks perfect English then it's worth stringing her along for a while.I sometimes offer to send money immediately with very sypathetic words.If she sends her bank details then you can get accurate information.Ask for telephone numbers and try to call.Usually they're guys hiding behind these fictive photos as theives usually disguise themselves,take it all 'Tongue in Cheek'.But as flattery coming from these sumptouis women will always boost our male egos,we click and replyonly to be ripped off later-it's our own fault.Ever seen a beautiful Russian girl come and marry an average guy here in Europe-NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS!

  • Death Warm Over
  • (15, 8, 07)

    She is a scammer. Asked for $400 to be money grammed to her so she can get a visa. Says she uses the "cafe of internet" in Kazan. Any internet cafe is not cheap so she can easily afford the $400. She said the visa costs $100 and the processing fee is $150. How do you get $400 out of that? Plus her IP addresses in her headers have been jinked by going through a proxy server of some kind. She uses a photo of a black cat on a couch with one picture of herself on one site. She sent me the same cat photo with different photos of her self. Her street address does not even show up on a map of Kazan. Her e-mail addy was pulled by Yahoo and noe uses an e-mail from rambler.ru which a lot of scammers use. I have several photos of her 'new' look if anyone is interested. They have been all posted on Russian Detective.