Svetlana Parshkina, Artemovsk Ukraine

Name Svetlana
Last Name Parshkina
Country Ukraine
City Artemovsk
Birth Date 4 October 1981
Heigth 164 cm
Hair Blond
Weight 49 kg
Eye Blue
Children I have no children.
Education College

  • Henry from America
  • (26, 10, 07)

    I corresponded with Svetlana (Diana) for almost a year. She never directly asked me for money, but made several comments regarding her hardships ( burst water pipes in apt., unable to pay internet cafe fees, etc.) in an attempt, I feel, to prey on the good will and kind hearts of the men she was deceiving. Fortunately, I didn't send her a dime. These women need to be prosecuted at brought to justice.

  • Heinrich
  • (4, 9, 07)

    After exchanging very sweet and very personal letters with Svetlana Parshkina and after successfully sending her parcels to her home address (2-d Krasnoznamenmaya 49b/111, 91000 Lugansk, Ukraine) I visited her for 10 days in Lugansk. She spent almost every afternoon with me - and her manager/pimp/translator Diana from Russia and made me pay for food and beverages, kitchen appliances, mobile phone, digital camera, German course and books, taxi fares all through Lugansk and so on. In august a group of 25 men found out that they had been scammed, see also for more details and pictures: Beware of her and her sister Oksana Gromovaya with her daughter Alina.

  • (10, 8, 07)

    She is asking frequently for money and I know a lot of men spend her like me!!!

  • Adolph
  • (4, 9, 07)

    This scammer, with her manager/pimp Diana belongs to the most dangerous kind, the one who takes her time writing daily stock letters (a veritable letter factory) and peppering the letter with some customized answers to your questions and make you believe she is only corresponding with you. Separately, her sister Oksana Gramovaya operates likewise. The letters are the same, both written by the pimp/translator Diana. Both use an ugly kid, Alina as a prop (mother / aunt). She will take the time to meet those hopefuls in Lugansk who leave suitably fleeced of presents and wining and dining the pair, believing they have found their love. Sveta claims to be a physical therapist working in a state hospital, but she will take whatever time is needed to entertain her visitors (always well-chaperoned by Diana) since she does not speak (nor tries to speak) a word of English (or German), despite the language courses sent or paid by hopefuls. And in real life she is not half as good looking as in the pictures. Beware.