Lilia Misonova, St. Petersburg Russia

First Name:Lilia
Last Name:Misonova
City:St. Petersburg
Birth Date:January 6, 1980
Hairs color:Blond
Eyes color:Blue
Children:Has no children

  • (25, 4, 06)

    Please be aware that the person using the name Lilia Misonova, , is a con artist and a thief. She was on another website,, using the alias Anna Batrutdinova, st. Podgornaya 17-61, city Inza, Ulyanovsk area, 433030. I do not know if this is even her real name or address but she succeeded in stealing over $1,000 from me. I do not want to see anyone else fall victim to her scam. I will be happy to provide you with additional information if you need it.
    Mark Petty.

  • (27, 6, 2013)

    Your post is a timely cobirtnution to the debate