Tania Kolevatykh, Nikolaev Ukraine

Hello!!! I got all your letters, mine beautiful in me the same purposes, that you have, but here I had a problem, I can not use the favour of the Internet, in me the term of service was finished and I have nothing in the given moment of finances, to pay for it, mine beautiful to me any more coma, to address, I like hell want to have with you the correspondence in future, I want to teach you always more and more, that we would meet in the future, for continuation of relations. you copied to such romantic and me very much, to be liked your poem, I this to uourselves in a notebook and when I read it, I present you. Prince of mine, which I need in 94 $ The USA, as I must pay for 2 months of service, one month of the duty expenditures 47 $ Beautiful Mine is my unique step which I would correspond with you, I now agreed with a manager it is the Internet of center, that I would to you the record and I promised that I must bring in payment for services during 3 days. Beautiful mine, if you can help me to desire, when I found you, I halted to the heavy swell except for you, to write and you in me uniquely!!! Mine expensive you can send to me a money on Western Union in the bank of the city Nikolaev, Ukraine on my complete data which I I send you: Gives a nickname: The name of Tania Kolevatykh is an address: The Krilova 50 street, the arartment 80, beautiful, I must be with impatience, to wait your answer, and with hope, that all will be good, record to me very soon, I must wait for your answer directly now, as I do not want to lose you, your Tania!!!