Vera Musakova, Nizhny Novgorod Russia

First Name:Vera
Last Name:Musakova
City:Nizhny Novgorod
Birth Date:February 10, 1978
Hairs color:Brown
Eyes color:Brown
Children:Has no children

  • Benjamin
  • (17, 4, 2013)

    I have been scammed by a women by the manner of Anna(Anya) Ivanova ..She says she loves me but needs 450 euros for a plane ticket She sent to me a copy of her passport but I don't know if its real or make she wants me to send her money transfer to her bank account but so far I've not sent any money now she is being nasty to me in her emails say I don't love her anymore Her address she says she lives at is: Country Russia City Kirov 610000. Also, I send you my cell phone number, but you can not get through to me because my mobile operator takes calls only for Russia. Could you let me know if this is a scam please Thank you Benjamin

  • (3, 11, 05)

    fall in love in 4 or 5 emails, do not answer any questions at all