Iryna Nokelaynen, Odessa Ukraine

First Name:Iryna
Last Name:Nokelaynen
Birth Date:December 15, 1972
Hairs color:Blond
Eyes color:Hazel
Children:Has no children

  • Peter
  • (18, 11, 06)


  • (8, 12, 05)

    Your new lady is the same like in your blacklist 1099050461 !!!

    Greetings Tommi

  • Mark
  • (26, 1, 07)

    I met this girl a few weeks ago on leave, she quoted me
    200 dollars for the whole day.

    I am sure that these photos
    show a much younger girl.
    These photos have to be when
    she was younger, as the gal
    and its the same, is much older looking.

    Smoked like a chimmney.
    Yellow teeth now, and lots
    of perfume, she gave me
    price with or without condom.

    She had two younger girls hanging around her, they
    who only wanted 100 each for the day.

    In Odessa, many girls are available for less than 100 for everything, FRENCH GREEK,
    you name it.

    I had more fun with a younger
    girl named Nadia.
    Nice smile and less perfume.

    But remember, these girls are desperate, and will do anyone,
    anything, for money.