Olga Karepina, Norilsk Russia

Name Olga
Last Name Karepina
Country Russia
City Norilsk
Birth Date 16 August 1985
Heigth 165 cm
Hair Black
Weight 55 kg
Eye Blue
Children I have no children.
Education Technical school
Profession Bookkeepe

  • Herbie
  • (25, 7, 08)

    Polina Komleva well it started that she would visit me then I sent her money to make up the ticket , then she needed money to have for the visa for Dubai then she did a no show and sent me a mail saying she had been robbed I had asked to talk to her but she said I COULD NOT CALL HER oh I missed the red flag , I did ask her for a copy of her passport oh its at the agents getting a visa.

  • (19, 6, 07)

    want money from me. She is listed also as "scam".

  • Sam
  • (29, 6, 07)

    She also tried to extort money from me, but I wouldn't send any...then she 'cried' in the letters, and told how sad she was.
    What a shame.. I didn't fall for her scheme.