Svetlana, Cherkassy Ukraine

I rent the flat with my group mate in suburb. Only thing I'm sorry about is that
there is no telephone in it!
I've graduated from university two years ago and now I'm a professional journalist.
Unfortunately, I don't work by profession at the moment, but want to do it so much,
cause it's really my cup of tea.

  • Hipp
  • (22, 6, 07)

    they almost had me. pics of 28 year old beuty im 55.lots of love letters an sexy pics. then the sting she is stranded at the airport in moscow needs to have round trip tic to get working visa. she did know this .she just has enough for 1 way. she cant come to me unless i send 1k right away western union. this one even had flight info and a tracking #. I think they make a reservation in case you check then cancel it after they get the thousand. phew.this was a good one.

  • (20, 12, 06)

    I saw Svetlana at Date Me Free. I contacted her and she responded with a brief letter. I asked her many questions, none were answered. She would not even provide her last name or address. I knew she was a scammer so I played her like a drum. The money letter came today.

  • Darcy
  • (25, 4, 07)

    You know sometimes its not even a woman that your writeing to lmao most of these women pics are just put up to get the man intersested. Trust me boys its not all that it seems,lol becareful out there

  • Daveschrade
  • (14, 10, 07)

    i have been talking to a girl for 2 months named marina supposedly in love with me .im 46 shes 30 wants 550.00 to fly here to be with me.her travel agent name alexander ,found them on scam list .watch out also she's on singles net beaverton ,wa but shes from russia

  • Steve Barnett
  • (1, 8, 09)

    spending time going after Russian women who are p
    oor. They might be poor, because the Communist Jews murdered her father and fmaily members. For 40 years after WWII the Communist Jews were allowed to freely torture and murder millions. Maybe this si why they are poor. Who is responsible for this? I would say the coutries fighting Germany, because German was trying to destroy Communism, but they had to fight half the world, because they wanted to defned it. So we owe them. Since Germany and the USA have given Israel 200 billion. What did we give Germany for destroying their country? We murdered millions when we bombed Germany's cities. After WWI the Jewish Communists took control of Russia and started murdering millions. After WWII they took the rest of Europe and started murdering millions more. These women in Eastern Europe are in many cases poor, because the Jewish Commies murdered their family memebrs or sent them to Siberia. So if a woman advertises an ad and she asks someone for money it is her money to do a
    s she pleases. She can pay the bills that the man isn't there to pay, ebecause the Communists murdered him. You want to go after some real criminals? I don't see any web sites going after the Israelis for luring Eastern European women into Israel with the promise of work and when they arrive the Jews take their passports and force them into slavery. They have to screw 15 nasty, hairy Jews everyday and all they get is food. Their only hope is to be arrested. Does this cause more harm than a few women getting money from old, fat, bald men who send them money? I don't think so. Now I don't agree with agencies using fake photos and fake people writing the letters, but if a woman runs and ad and a man responds and he sends her money for whatever reason it's her money. He shouldn't have sen tit. I hear of these scam artists in Africa. They use English phone numbers and tell you that have millions and have to get it out of the country. They ask you to help them and they want your bank account number. Now this is a huge criminal orgnization here. I here they get 100 million each year. Do you go after them? Eastern European people in some cases were murdered or starved to death for 70 years. This was done by the jewish Commies. All the other countries sat back and did nothing, so few women get some money, big deal. The men shouldn't send it. I fthey want them to come here I'm sure the men could send them a plane ticket in a secure way. Our country has bombed and destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan. We have poisoned their ground with depleted uranium and now it's in their gorund water. Many thousands of babies are born deformed. We went into Iraq to get the oil for Israel. We went into Afghanistan to allow them to be able to grow poppy. The CIA is there making sure theTaliban doens't get in the way. All this is going on, but you're concerned about a few women that get some money from old men that don't have enough sense not to send it . But like I say go after the agencies that use fake women. Now if a woman has a man send her a plane ticket and she takes the plane ticket and gets cash for that, then that's a little different, but if the guy sends her money for whatever reason he kisses it goodbye. What you have is a country destroyed by a bunch of Jews. Women come from all of Eastern Europe to meet these old men. When they get there the young girls get the men and the others wasted their time. There are a lot more problems in the world. Why not help get rid of the landmines that kill children everyday? Why not try to stop this war with Iran that's based on the same lies we told about Iraq.

  • NEIL
  • (10, 11, 09)


  • Joseph
  • (22, 9, 07)

    Just spent a few weeks on-line with Yuliya who did finally ask for money, stranded at the Moscow airport and ashamed to return home to her small town. What an elaborate scam. Younever consider yourself a 'sucker' but these beautiful photos of models makes an older guy temporarily suspend senses. Be extremely mistrusting of what is promised and unseen. Don't send any money! I stopped just in time. These are just 'boiler-plate' messages. Notice there is never a specific, personal response to your emails.

  • (4, 9, 07)

    Svetlana Parshkina, Lugansk, Ukraine, 25 years old Address: 2-d Krasnoznamenmaya 49b/111, 91000 Lugansk, Ukraine Mail : Born : october 4th, 1982 Sveta contacted me in may 2007 on We exchanged very personal emails on a daily basis until I flew to Lugansk and met her. After that costly visit (lots of gifts and dinners including her translator Diana) I transferred US$ 300,- for her passport because I was sure that she was serious. Including gifts and presents like digital camera, mobile phone, Kiev Star phone voucher, language course, kitchen appliances, travel and taxi expenses etc. I have spent or lost approx. 1.500,- Euro. On august 11 I received a mail from a guy in Linz, Austria with a distribution list of 25 other men from all around the world telling me, that Svetlana Parshkina was a scammer. Just from these 25 men Sveta and her sister Oksana Gromovaya have probably received between US$ 50.000,- and even US$ 100.000,- during the year 2007. See also for more details! Kind regards, Heinrich

  • Rene
  • (16, 8, 07)

    The website is also full of both russian and nigerian scammers...most of the time it fat sweaty Igor in russia and someone named Coleman in nigeria so watch aint the models

  • Lou (nockuout1)
  • (12, 9, 07)

    funny someone mentioned www.4ppl website it is true what they say the site is infested here a good hint for niegerian scammers that claim to be from the USA if the say (AM SEEKING FOR MY RIGHT MAN) or (AM SEEKING FOR MY SOULMATE)you can bet they are scamming because no american woman ever talks like this..start asking the time in the state they are in or the zipcode lmao they start buzzing and stalling to look up the info on the net.they keep saying are you still there? lol anyway careful and never send money...i'm sure you know this....Lou

  • Franz
  • (21, 10, 09)

    Hello My name is franz ,Im an architect and I like to known
    about your life. You are so beautifull and I like you. DO YOU WANT MARRIAGED ME...YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFULL...THANKS MY GOOD FOR THIS ANGEL....

  • Sexyfriend57
  • (18, 8, 07)

    Daria being 28 years of age has asked for 1100.00 for tickets to come to meet me. I have asked why she is interested in a man my age 50? came up with a few different answers. Has anyone heard of Daria?