Vika Tkachenko, Lugansk Ukraine

I was born 15 September 1982 year. Now i work in school,in Lugansk. My parents live in Lutugino,in city which i was born. I am a loving and caring person. I am honest, sincere, kind, gentle and affectionate. I know in my heart I can bring happiness to someone I truly love. I know in my heart that I can be a loving and faithful wife.

  • Benjamın
  • (19, 3, 07)

  • Sebastian
  • (16, 3, 07)

    got the same message as you did. i dont think she will respond now..

  • Tino
  • (25, 11, 07)

    100% SCAMMER

  • David
  • (14, 2, 07)

    Heys, stay away from this person. 100% scammer. I thought the picture is even her. She claims to know no English, but when I told her she was not real, she got pissed and would not respond.

  • (1, 12, 06)

    I first saw Vika at I saw her again at and I contacted her and she responded. It took a while to get her full name. She never gave me her address after several requests. She avoided almost all questions. The money letter for translation came today even after I sent her a free online translation tool. I told her to use this tool at the internet café in order to save money. She disregarded my request and sent the money letter. She is from Lugansk, what more can I say. At My Beloved, she claims to be from Popasnaya. How can she live in 2 places at the same time. Maybe she is rich and has a second home.

  • Hans
  • (8, 4, 08)

    And you all wanted to find here objects for have sez with out paying money?

  • (12, 12, 06)


  • Fred
  • (29, 3, 07)

    I know this girl from Lugansk aske money in her fifth letter operate on

  • Blow fish
  • (25, 11, 09)

    She's a model! What makes you think she'd date you losers...

  • Matthias
  • (28, 9, 07)

    I saw this scam in my foreignbride vom and was so stupid to send money for translation

  • (1, 12, 06)

    asks for money

  • Mark
  • (5, 9, 07)

    Is there any 'hot' russian girl that is NOT a scammer? And if yes, WHERE?

  • Alan
  • (5, 1, 2012)

    I have been writing someone for about 3 months no phone,only goes to Libray once per day.All
    she thinks about is I am in Love and she has made plans to come to the USA.She has not asked for any money,she just asked which airport do i live close to.So i guess the question i have is how long can some stay here? What kinda of papers will she have and can she work in the US? Once again no money has been sent.

  • David
  • (14, 2, 07)

    One other thing, I would be over 50% of all the really good looking girls from there are scammers. Either they will get you there or here. Stay away for the hotties. They know it and will take you!

  • David
  • (11, 9, 07)

    this woman is on anistasia international and for russian woman using 5th picture up from bottom