Tatyana Nechaeva, Severodonetsk Ukraine

Name Tatyana
Last Name Nechaeva
Email bobeta2004@mail.ru
Country Ukraine
City Severodonetsk
Birth Date 1 September 1977
Heigth 168 cm
Hair Blond
Weight 47 kg
Eye Blue
Children I have a child.
Education Some college

  • Shawn
  • (15, 2, 08)

    Oh yeah & she goes by nofire50@yahoo.com. (Aleksandra Denisenko).

  • Locoloco
  • (3, 5, 07)

    I am talking with her from 6 month where do you see her ? thanks for the request

  • Locoloco
  • (21, 5, 07)

    thank you Doug but I don't find the website honeyfall. Can you help me ?
    Can you send the exact adress .
    Thank a lott.

  • Edward Dehors
  • (16, 4, 08)

    I corresponded with 'Tanya' for 2 months. I
    sent her 800.00 US for her English classes and her daughter Katyusha's Spring clothes. She told me she was not writing anyone else and before I reserved an airline reservation my skeptical friend, Ric, sent her a letter saying that he'd see her lovely profile on Elena's Models. Tanya took the bait like a hungry fish and wrote Ric a lovely letter anxious to get to know him !!Beware Boys !!!!!!!!!!Ed Dehors Sterling, New York

  • Paul
  • (6, 7, 08)

    I have one that writes to me. Says she's 29 years ol
    d. uses the name Oksana, says she lives in Canada. Refuses to give me a last name, her address or any other information. I've asked her all kinds of questions, and don't get any answers for any of them. MUST REALLY BE A SCAMMER!!! I'VE TOLD HER NOW, THERE WILL BE NO MORE LETTERS TILL I GET ALL MY QUESTIONS ANSWERED!!! HER ENGLISH IS NOT THE BEST. MORE LIKE A KID. SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE MIGHT BE ONLY ABOUT 13 OR 14. HAVE MANY PICTURES OF HER THAT SHE SENT.

  • Doug
  • (28, 4, 07)

    wow she is on lavalife and has taken the y out and put in a i with different pics

  • Doug
  • (8, 5, 07)

    russian area honeyfall

  • Rastro
  • (22, 4, 08)

    someone can send me photos of her to see if it's the same I was writting thank a lotrastreador@hotmail.fr

  • Shawn
  • (15, 2, 08)

    I have a girl claiming 28 years old by the name Aleksandra Denisenko from Sajansk, Russia near Irkutsk. Real or fake?

  • Gerry
  • (25, 9, 07)

    she is on cherryblossom now sept 07

  • Gordon
  • (29, 11, 06)

    This lady is a confirmed scammer

    Date: 27.11.2006-05:47


  • Scambuster - Canada
  • (1, 12, 06)

    Wow !!!! She is presently writing to me under the name Tanya. Interesting !!! I will see how far she goes. Thanks for the post here.