Katya, Kharkov Ukraine

Letter #1

Hello my beatiful stranger,
I'm confident and sexual girl,
moreover I have kind heart and
I'm very tender, but I feel
myself so lonly.People often lie to me,
that's why I stop to believe them.
May be you can help me.
Perhaps you colore my grey world in bright
colours and make me believe to people.
I hope you fill my heart and soul with love.

Letter #2

Hello my sweet friend :0),
It's so great that we have an opportunity to correspond
with you and to know
each other better.
You wrote me a letter and i want to answer you.I'll tell
you about my life and
I can say that i'm a grown-up,self-confident,sexy and
loving woman who is looking
for her happiness here in the Internet.
I would like to meet one and only man to spend the rest of
my life with.
Because I know all the beauties of life become useless and
indifferent if you
heart is empty and needs care and attention to be filled
again with the most
wonderful feeling called love. I believe that on Earth
there is a true love
simply not everyone can find it and after finding they
can't keep it.
I am sincere and with kind heart, I aspire to search the
man for creation
of warm family to bear children and just to be happy.I want
to care and to
give back the love to the man which is worthy it. I am glad
- if this man
you.The Internet gives us huge opportunities,gives chance
of presence of the
happiness.Though we live in different countries we have
various culture and
mentality,we speak different languages - all this is not a
barrier to the two
people who are looking for their happiness and love.I think
that you agree
with me - lonely life is just emptiness and nothing
else.Many troubles and
dissapointments are brought by a deceit. I do not want
someone to be tested
as I know what it is. Therefore you can trust me and
probably we have got
acquainted completely not casually. Sometimes life brings
us joyful surprises!
I was born in a very good and caring family.My father is a
miner,mother is a
teacher.I have a younger brother at the age of 16. He takes
a great interest
in cosmos and aircraft projects.My parents live in
Balakleya,it's Kharkov's
region.To have the better and higher education i decided to
move to
Kharkove.So now i live here and rent a flat.
Oh,sorry i forgot to tell you i'm 24 years old:))
In my childhood I finished the Dancing School.After
graduating from the
University with honors and getting the specialty of a
choreographer i went to
work to the dancing school as a choreographer.
In the evening when I feel lonely I like reading poetry or
watch good films.
At home I grow the flowers and the plants,i'm fond of
If you are interested in me ans want to know me better
answer me and i'll
tell you more about yourself:))
I'm looking forward to know you better and to get your
I give you a small and tender kiss:)
Yours Katya

  • BILAL, fakharbilal@msn.com
  • (21, 1, 07)


    It is a well-known fact to all who have had relationship with Slavic people i.e. Ex-USSR. It is pity to say that these people are being taken as “ scammer”. It might be true that there are some scammers but to portray them all to be scammer is rather injustice to them. The women in the area are at pitiful condition. They have no job, and in case the have it, even then they are not rewarded with money.
    To be specific over Ukraine, the women there have bad luck. They neither have English language skill, nor money enough to live a successful life nor any husband whom every woman has a dream of. I feel overwhelming grief to them. The Mafia there is really a Devil what they do that give an ad in a national newspaper that woman for Modeling, Dance and other services are required. The stupid women respond to the ad published. They are told they will be sent to other country and a brilliant future is waiting for them there. They are tricked so successfully that they are get ready to put themselves into the trap made for them.
    RAMLE, Israel -- Irina always assumed that her beauty would somehow rescue her from the poverty and hopelessness of village life. When I read this sentence that a beautiful village-woman who was poor and wanted to make her life better by showbiz, and the way she was taken by the wind of her luck I really felt, (and still feel) a great and great emotional-pain to this woman Irina she is nothing to me(indicates relationship) but Yes I do have an empathy to her I have a relation of Humanity she is not my relative but Yes she is my relative when it comes to humanity. When I read this sentence “a poor and beautiful village-girl” it was a very prone sentence to me it really affected me wh

  • BILAL, fakharbilal@msn.com
  • (21, 1, 07)

    ...when I thought that this woman, who lived in village to the age 21, how beautiful hers days of childhood would be, the silent-summer after-noon’s when it would be a hot day and there would be a complete silent, she remained in such beautiful environment and in cold-winters when it would be raining for days and she played in the hot summers after-noon and enjoyed the winter-rain, met to such end did get me to weep at such luck. Her mistake was that she was poor, her mistake was her poverty which got her to join showbiz but she put her self in the Internet of Devils(Global Network of Devils). When she was taken to an offensive country of Middle-East i.e. Israel there she was brought to the Boss-Devil who torn her passport up convincing her to have no hope of escape she was told “You are my property” as if she was a commodity, and he further barked that you could not escape. What do you think Mr. Reader how she will have felt when she listened “ You can not escape” however she will have been scared at that time, isn’t it as? I got this scene as if it was a clip of Horror Movie.
    They go to western countries where they are forced to be prostitute they are sent to brothels by the help of pimps who are normally the friend of the woman exported. She is threaten never to mistake of fleeing as there is no use to do so because they will recover her at any cost. Her passport is burnt up before her in order to convince her that there is now way to escape and she can do nothing but to be prostitute.
    This is the picture of the women school in the Ex-USSR as they are beautiful enough to attract any rapist this is reason why the import rate is high in the Western countries of Slavic women.
    At Internet they try to have a handsome foreign man--- the man of their dreams--- but their economic condition is not enough to let them have the use of this technology. They don’t have knowledge of English language as it is universal language--- the language t

  • BILAL, fakharbilal@msn.com
  • (21, 1, 07)

    ...--- the language through which they can transmit ideas to the rest of the world---- and to fulfill this desire demands money but they don’t have it this is reason why they demand for money from the person whom they are corresponding to.
    This dreadful phenomenon of Ex-USSR indicates the result of communism failure. It was the idea of Karl Marx, which is called Marxism he was in the support of such a society where no class difference is there--- a class-less society he dreamed of. Though he did not apply it to his own country Germany but it was Lenin who was the champion of Russian Revolution of 1917, in which he overthrew the Tsar dynasty and laid the foundation of a “ class-less” society. Every thing was running smooth for a period of 74 years when an expected bump faced USSR which made it collapse and turned USSR to Russian Federation and other 15 republics that are of Central Asia and Eastern Europe.
    The economic condition is at worst condition and a country’s economy does have a direct impact over her people. Good governance is missing and the people are of no value. Through out history I didn’t see humanity at such highest and greatest pitiful status. Who is responsible to this condition of the people. What a great sin they did which the leaders of these nations gave them and giving the punishment of to these people. It will take decades or perhaps centuries to put them back on the track of prosperity and happiness as we do know that a disaster or sever attack of illness overpowers its victim and the victim tacks a considerable time to recover. Similarly these countries will take a huge time to restore but what about the people? Will they elapse their lives in a useless way? The are to never comeback to this temporary world and if they lived their lives in such fashion it means that they lost everything they are loser and nothing but. They are humane being they feel as we do no discrimination is there in our feelings whichever feeling it

  • BILAL, fakharbilal@msn.com
  • (21, 1, 07)

    ...it may be. Will they not get sad at their own pitiful condition? Will they not think that why we are in such condition? Will they not want to have better life than a bitter one. Don’t have sympathy with them rather do have an empathy think that as if you are one of them and then you will get the real feeling of their condition.

  • BILAL, fakharbilal@msn.com
  • (21, 1, 07)

    CONFIRM FIRST AND COMMENT LATER. This is what Islam teaches is. Islams says that confirmation is required before expressing any comment.

  • Cindi
  • (7, 11, 07)

    I do not have sympathy for these green card seeking wenches. One of them continually is writing my husband for access to the US via a Visa. She wants his ideas as far as whether she should get a work visa, vacation visa or a brides visa. I do feel for the situtation there, but not for the tactics they use to get out. Don't you tell me to pity them.

  • CertifiedGeek
  • (14, 9, 09)

    Cindi, your an idot. Probably American too. It is terrible to me for women to be jealous of beautiful women. I wrote a Russian woman for two years, she worked 3 jobs to support her and her daughter. Her ex-husband is a drunk and beater... Yes, they are looking for a better life. Why don't you visit there...live there... try to, see what you would want. I am very happy with my wife and our baby. Guess what, 6 years, and still married... Never a argument and always happy... Didn't have that with my American wife who only tried to suck every dime out of me...