Natalya Orlova, Moscow Russia

Surname: Orlova
Name: Natalya
City: Moscow
Country: Russia

Letters ###

I am glad to see your letter. Yes, tell to me days in which I can
arrive to you. I was in travel company and I learned how many to cost
my trip to you. To be necessary 90Euro for the visa, 76Euro for the
passport, (approximately 240Euro for the insurance, medical papers,
services travel company, some other necessary documents for the visa
and the passport). Tickets round trip will cost 356Euro. In travel
company to me have told, that it is necessary to do all this in
advance because to be necessary time. As I have learned, that you can
send money by Western Union. But I do not know as to work Western
Union. You can learn about Western Union in your city? thanks, that
you wished to give me a gift. I think, what it would be better if you
to do a gift when I to arrive to you? ok? My address Moscow, street
Fomichevoy, 8-34. My full name Natalya Orlova. You can send me your
exact address and yours full name? please. Write to me as soon as you

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can. I will wait your letter and to think of you.
Many kisses for you

I am glad to see your letter. how are you today? i am fine. You wish
to send me new camera and to send it to me by mail? I do not know if
it will be safe for sending camera by mail. Because here in Russia
very much bad to work mail and can steal camera. maybe it would be
more convenient if to buy camera here? You have learned about the
Western Union and you think, what it is not safe? Yes, I searched for
the bank account and I have found. The husband of my girlfriend has a
bank account. It has agreed to help us with you and has given me its
data the account. It has told, that you can send money for its
account. As it has told, that you should specify all data the account.
Necessarily you should specify, Payment details: Private transfer to
Telebank client 398529. ok? This all the given accounts. Inform me as
soon as you to send money because I should inform the husband of my
girlfriend on it.

I too very much wait ours with you a meeting and I am glad, that it
will be in October. I learned about the visa and to me have told, that
it probably to make. I will need to collect many documents. Within the
next few days I will collect the necessary documents. Write to me as

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soon as you can. I will wait your letter and to think of you.
Many kisses for you