Nataly Sushko, Lugansk Ukraine

First Name:Nataly
Last Name:Sushko
Birth Date:January 14, 1975
Hairs color:Blond
Eyes color:Green
Children:Has a child

  • (14, 6, 2010)

    i have emailing a russian girl for the past 8 weeks and i did check her out by scams her name her address her email address so i thought she was genuine i did pay 690 euros as a fool for herflight,visa hotel accomadation in moscow ,plus taxi to the airport today 14/06/2010 shes very upset saying they wont let her arrive to uk without paying 1200 euros this is about customs she told me she went to the embassy and this is the law is she right or am i being scammed im gutted i really did trust her and she told me shes not a swindler she has phoned me 8 times is she a genuine

  • Mark
  • (3, 5, 07)

    what is monitoring going to do to help stop them,
    you are aware that most of these scammers operate from the UK, so bloody annoyingly obvious
    that they are a scam, why do people fall for this trick

  • Antonio
  • (13, 2, 08)

    this lady is very clever and fox : she go in holiday and she very big puttana with the men ....she take money and after she say that is finished without reason ....she is very clever to ask money and make scammer ...

  • Moahmed
  • (24, 2, 08)

    i sharm the last year , she said to named natasha .... she ask money good scammer for us

  • Vasil
  • (28, 3, 08)

    this lady works in lugansk and kiev with men from england and italy

  • (5, 12, 04)

  • Joseph
  • (6, 4, 07)

    This lady is a a stop scammer. She has asked for money for many different reason and has used several names . Be careful, Guys ! I am a lawman and monitor those sites that allow ladies to deceive men for money. These ladies must be stopped. Thanks.

  • Leonardo
  • (4, 6, 07)


    i know very well nataly from lugansk and she is very seriously lady , someone has used the photos and name for black intention l