Olga Marasanova, Kronshtadt Russia

Name Olga
Last Name Marasanova
Country Russia
City Kronshtadt
Birth Date 22 November 1976
Heigth 165 cm
Hair Blond
Weight 55 kg
Eye Green
Children I have no children.
Education College
Profession Manager

  • Sa
  • (25, 5, 07)

    Asks for money to pay for hotels, will not give out telephoen numbers or address. She is not real.

  • (18, 12, 06)

    asks for translating, internet cafe , etc

  • Tommy
  • (22, 1, 08)

    I'm sorry for anyone who is scammed by her, howe
    ver it is not her fault that some has stolen her photos. Her real name is Angelina Fediaeva. She is from Moscow Russia. I wish you all the best in your search for a "True" love. :) TommyTommy90010@yahoo.com

  • Usa
  • (4, 5, 07)

    asking for dollars and doen not have phone number or address. will not give information but asks for money. will not meet at home town!

  • (18, 12, 06)

    asks for tickets also..
    her email: Olenka197606@mail.ru

  • Ty Forbes
  • (11, 10, 07)

    Anna Koryukova- supposedly from Kansk- claimed to have flown to Krasnoyarsk and then Moscow. Spent more money than expected and has to purchase round trip tickets through her ' Work and Travel' agency only. Requests money be western unioned or wire trsfr. to bank. No electronic tickets. Provides several photos, some look like scans of models but then some look real. Doesn't answer questions in response to your e-mails, and english is better in some responses and not in others, which leads me to believe there are multiple people answering e-mails. Oct, 2007

  • Jd
  • (4, 5, 07)

    Asks for money, doesn't answer questions.