Irina Karabana, Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine

Name Irina
BirthDate 3 March 1981
Age 26
City Dnepropetrovsk
Country Ukraine
MailingAddress(postal code) 32434
MailingAddress(street,apt) Nekrasovka 56

  • HANS
  • (26, 2, 07)

    incoming message 22/02/07 23:43:08
    Dear Hans me was pleasantly get the letter from you. You liked me. I seem you merry and clever person. I search for the serious relations for building of the families. Dear but presently beside me problems with brother he is been ill. Beside it heavy form atita and he urgently needs the operation. She costs 460$ I have 400 but 60 comes short. The Brother lives in Moldova simply beside us have died the parents and I help him. I not comfortable you to ask about help. But me more there is no one to ask except you. But if you could than that help write me on

  • Hans
  • (26, 2, 07)

    Dear . Many thanks to you for the letter. I only today could
    descend in aviacash department, and learn the price for the ticket to
    Prague, and the price for the visa. My dear, it very much greater
    money. I cannot buy the ticket. Registration of the visa at the price
    of 180 $. And the permit for a week at the price of 700 $. For me it
    very much greater money. My dear Hans, and you could arrive to Baku? I
    would be happy to meet you. I shall gently kiss you, and I look
    forward to hearing. With love, yours Svetlana

  • Robert
  • (27, 7, 07)

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