Anna Evdokimova, StPetersburg Russia

Anna Evdokimova and the eamail address is

Her letters:

July 1 2007

Hello! How are you? It's Anna. It's nice to get your reply! I think it
would be very interesting to learn some more information about you and
your country. I want tell you some more about myself, after I will ask
you few questions too, I hope you don't mind answer on them. I begin
tell you some more about me! I was never married and don't have kids.
I don't have boyfriend. Because if I had him, then I never write you.
I hope you understand that. Most of people that cute girl must have
boyfriend. This is not true. My birthday is October, 15 1980 year. So
I'm 27 years old now. I live in St. Petersburg, Russia. I guess that
you know that city. It very big and beautiful. Sometimes my city call
North capital of Russia. I was born in Moscow. I finished Moscow State
University. I have degree in economic. After that I moved to St.
Petersburg. This is long story, but I will tell you about it in next
letter if you interested. I live here already 3 year. I enjoy living
here. I work in building company. I work with accounting stuff, a lot
of papers, a lot of digits. So my work is not very interesting. But
not bad. I work six day per week, so it's around 53 hours per week. I
want to tell you about my interest. I like sport, I visit sport club 3
days per week, take fitness. I like swim. I swim in public pool
usually on Saturday. I like outdoors. At home I like keep my house
clean, cook, read books or magazines. I like go out with my friends
and have fun! I sending you few pics of me. So please tell me in next
letter what do you think about my pics? So here is my questions. What
city you live? Tell me some more about your city. Where are you born?
What is your profession? Where you work? What do you do in free time?
What do you do for fun? How often you able to get Internet? This is
all for now! I hope to see your letter later! I hope we can chat later
too! Bye, your new friend Anna!

July 2 2007

Hello Buck! I'm very happy to hear again from you. It's very nice to
learn more about you. I want to tell you, that I can visit my work in
any time in any day. So I can write you every day. It's very good! I
want to tell you some more about my family and etc. My parents still
work. My dad is truck driver and my mom lawyer. They live and work in
Moscow. I visit them not very often one time per 3-4 months. On summer
they usually come to St. Petersburg visit me. They like this city. I
think that you can find some pics of my city in Internet. It's very
beautiful city. I told you that like to read, I have many favorite
authors. Dan Brown, John Ceiz, Bulgakov and many others. On TV I like
to see some series, my favorite is ER, CSI, Las Vegas, Friends. My
favorite channel is Discovery and music channels. I like music very
much. I don't have favorite band or singer. I like different music. I
like to cook, but don't like cook only for myself. I cook pizza and
invite friends to see some movies, eat pizza and drink some beer. Or I
forgot to tell you. I don't smoke, drink some beer or good wine, don't
use any drugs. Ok, I will continue. I can cook a lot of dishes. My
favorite food to eat is Mexican and Caucasian. I like all spicy food.
What type of food you like? Do you cook? I rent apartment here. Buy
own apartment is very expensive! I hope may be later I will have my
own house and nice family. My parents buy they apartment then was
around 35 years old. I not told you that looking for in man! I look
for friend first of all. My husband should be good friend, dad and of
course lover. He must have nice sense of humor, not lazy. Not too
serious. Other is no very matter for me, like age, face and etc. Of
course he should make enough money for family. I not looking man with
a lot of money. Money of course very important in our life, but not on
first place. I think that must stop now, if I will tell you all about
myself, then I will have nothing to write you on next letter! So have
a nice day! Bye! Yours, Anna!

July 3 2007

Hello dear Buck! I'm very happy corresponding with you. I learned more
about you and your life. It's very interesting to know somebody who
live so far away from me! In my last letter forgotten to tell you that
don't have any brothers or sisters. But have a lot of cousins. I
remember that promised write you, why I move from Moscow to St.
Petersburg. So I do it now. I finished university and decided that
don't want live in Moscow. Moscow big and noisy city. Peter (in Russia
we call St. Petersburg short) big too, but not so noisy and much
beautiful then Moscow. So I had some money for the first time, I move
to Peter with some of my friends, who studied with me. I found here is
nice job and decided stay here. I plan in near feature move to other
country. This is not mean that I don't love Russia. But such country
like USA, Canada, Australia, Europe countries, is much better for
life. And government care about they citizen much more then here. Some
of my friends move to Europe already, and they very happy with their
life there. And they told me that life there more better then in
Russia. And nobody from them don't want come back to Russia. May be my
dream will come true or may be not. But I will try, in present time
it's not difficult move to other country. I happy with my life here,
but will be more happy if will live not in Russia. Russia very strange
country. :) I forgot to tell you, I was in London (England) and in
German. I was there by my work. But I had some time to see that
countries. They really great. I want to trip around the world, but
unfortunately it's very expensive for me. But may be in future, who
knows. Unfortunately I have no much time today! I promised write to
you soon again! Ok, I don't want stop but I must. So have a nice day!
Bye! Yours friend Anna!

July 4 2007

Hello again my dear friend Buck! How are you? How is weather there?
Here is not so good. What are you plans for today? As for me, I'm at
work now. I have a lot of work but don't want. :) So I decided write
you note. I think that never told you what I like or dislike in
people. So I want let you know this. I like people with nice sense of
humor. I like honest people,and open-minded. I don't like liars. I
don't lie to anyone. Of course sometimes I say small lie, but nothing
serious. I don't like roughness. I like active people. Else I want to
tell you about my last relationship. I don't know if you interested in
that. I think that you want to know. I break up relationship with my
ex boyfriend 7 months ago. And I don't regret about that. He is nice
man, but we understood that not compatible and don't have future
together. He spend a lot of time at work or with friends and haven't
any time for me. Of course I understand that man should work and meet
the friends but not all the time. I needing in attention too. So we
decided stop our relationship. We was together around one year. I
think this is all that I wanted to tell you. So I will back to my work
now! Ok, Have a nice day! I hope to get letter from you soon! Don't
forget write me. Bye, yours Anna!

July 5 2007

Hello Buck! How are you today? As for me all is good! Work going fine,
but unfortunately weather isn't good. I've took holiday from work one
year ago. Me and my coworker Elena, went to South of Russia,to city
Sochi. Very nice place on Black sea. May be you heard about that city.
If we will win, then in 2014 year we will have Winter Olympic Games in
Sochi. It's very great. We had Olympic Games many years ago in USSR,
if I not mistaken it was 68-72 years. What is your favorite place in
your country? I don't think that have favorite place in my country. I
love my city, because it's really beautiful. We have a lot of tourist
here. I thought take my vacation soon!I can take one month vacation
one time per year, or two weeks two times per year. I prefer take one
month. It's better for me. I so much tired from work, so I want to
take a rest. I still don't know what to do. But guess will find
something to do. Sometimes I think, it's good to have friends like
you. I can tell you all that I think, may because I not see you.
Sometimes talk with men or woman more easy if don't know that person
in real life. Do you have plans for future? I don't build big plans. I
just know what I wan. I want to create family and be happy. Want be a
good mother, I don't mind be good mother not for my children. I hope
that sometimes my dream come true. Many woman in our time don't want
create family,they care about work and money. But this is not about
me. I like children very much. I want to have simple life. I don't
needing in big house, expensive car and trips to Hawaii.:) Ok, a lot
of lyrics. I should back to my work. I hope to hear from you again
soon! Kiss and hugs!Bye, Anna

July 6 2007

Hello dear Buck! How are you? I got letter from my parents today. They
said that will come to visit me in end of August, it's really nice.
I've seen them last time in January. So it would be really nice to
meet my parents. What are you plans for today? Do you plan something
special? Today I planned to meet my friends after work, probably we
will go to cafe and after that play pool. Do you like play pool? I
like it and play not bad. So if you play too, then I hope that we will
have a chance play together in the future. So we will have a lot of
pretty time. Most all my friends have boyfriends and some of them
already married. But I'm still alone. I hope that I can find a good
man and will be happy. This is on the first place for me now. I want
have friendly and happy family. And I think that my dream could be
come true. This is so bad that we life so far away from each other and
can't spend this evening today, go to restaurant or theatre. Do you
think that sometimes in the future we could meet each other in real
life and spend a lot of nice time together? We life so far away, but
in our time all is possible. So here is no any problems to trip from
one country to other country. We have air planes, trains and other
transport. I think that my free time is off now! So I must back to my
work! I will check my mail tomorrow on my lunch break! So bye for now!
Have a nice day! Kiss! Yours, Anna!

July 7 2007

Hello Buck! How are you? It's very nice to see your letter again. I
never thought that will have friend who live so far away. It would be
so nice to visit you and talk to you face to face. I guess we have a
lot to discuss. What do you think? I guess that never told you about
my intention to religion. I'm Christian, but not sure that type(on
English), I guess Orthodox, it called "pravoslavnye" here. But I don't
very religious. I was not at church one year. I try to go there every
week,but unfortunately haven't enough time. I trust in God, but look
on religion some skeptically. I don't sure about God create our planet
and people. If he really create it,when who create God? I think that
talk about that can take a lot of time. :) I have no plans for today.
Unfortunately we can't meet each other in cafe tonight, get a cup of
coffee and talk. I hope that it could be happen. I really want to meet
you face to face and see your country. I guess there a lot to see!
Isn't it? I must stop writing now, but promise to write you tomorrow.
I don't know why, but I think about you a lot of time every day!Do you
think of me often? Please be honest! If not,then I will understand you
and will not be upset!Ok,dear I waiting a reply from you soon! Have a
nice day! Kiss! Yours, Anna!

July 9 2007

Hello Buck! It's yours Anna again :) Thank you for your reply and more
information about you. Sometime I think I'm a very romantic person.
And I often imagine myself walking around an ancient castle or
beautiful old church. I imagine my fiancee and me walking in the park
during the sunset. I'm all pretty and happy, we walk slowly and talk
about all things in the world. And I feel that it's the person that I
could spend all my life with... and this fiancee had no name... but
now he does have it... you know, I feel that you got very close to me.
When I just started talking to you I hadn't even dreamt that I would
meet a person like you!!! I know that we haven't been talking for that
long but deep inside I'm sure that you are the person who I want to be
with. The only thing I ask you is not to play with me!!!!! If someone
hurts me again I will never recover from that!!!! If you want just to
play with me tell me now. And I'll try to get over that!!! I want you
to be always honest with me. And I promise to you that I will be
always honest with you!!! From this moment and on when I confessed you
in my feelings I want our relationships to be clear and honest. I
don't mean to say that I don't trust you. I just want you to say that
now you mean a lot more to me than you did when we just started
talking!! I feel we have deeper connection though even we are so far
away!! Of course it's better when people can talk face to face but
unfortunately we can do nothing about that right now:( I can't stop
writing about my feelings to you:))) But I must stop now! Have a nice
day! Kiss! Anna!

July 10 2007 ( lol I luv how this one starts with a 9;)

9Hello my dear Buck! How are you? How is going your day? As for me all
is well. I think that my last letter was a little crazy. But I always
told you only that I think. It's so interesting that we live in that
time, because we can send mail to other country and it will be there
in one minute. Just imagine how much time need for receiving mail
using post office. But century ago I guess mail can be received in one
months I guess. We can write letter, talk without any problems. We
live in great world, but sometimes it world can be awful. We have a
lot of terrorism, airplane crashes, storms, quakes. World can give the
great and awful. We always balancing between good and bad. I think
that this is not too bad. If we don't see bad things, then we will not
be able understand all beauty of good. Do you agree with me? People
made axe like help in they work, take a trees for fire, build houses.
But else axe people can use for murder. People can use nuclear energy
to make live easy and more comfortable, but else can make use that
power in bomb. But in any way we must get pleasure from every minute
of our life. And if we have troubles we must pass it in any way and
never think that our life is too bad. Are you agree with me. It's so
great that I have man to tell my thoughts. Sometimes I like to talk
about some philosophy things. It's interesting for me. It's bad that
we life so far away from each other and not able have a date. But I
think that it would be so great to meet each other. I guess only so we
can learn more about us. And may be then we will understand that must
have future together. I like you so much. And I really think that I
searching for you. You are great man. Do you think that we can meet
each other soon? If you will invite me to visit you, then I will come
to see you, your lifestyle, your country. We will able spend a lot of
great time together. May be you can think that I'm rush, but I don't
know that happened with me, but I think of you too much and really
dream to meet you face to face. Dear I must stop now! I hope to get
your reply tomorrow! Have a nice day! Kiss, Anna!

July 11 2007

Hello my dear Buck! How are you? I can write you every day, because if
I have day off from my work, then I able come at my work just to write
you. I like read your letters and write you, so I can come at work in
my free days. It don't take a lot of time from me. I'm really happy
that found you in Internet. You able to understand all my letters,
sometimes I don't have anyone here to talk open up. But I can talk
with you. Idea about visit you can't leave me now. It would be really
so nice to visit you. I want to spend with you months or two just to
learn you more, and then I guess we will able decide more about our
relationships. I feel you are very close to me, but after our meeting
I guess will not be able leave you. LOL. If you really want me to
visit you, then I can call to tourist company tomorrow and learn that
I needing for my trip to you. And else I must to tell you that now. I
some confused, but it I guess tickets to you is really expensive, so I
will not be able to visit you without your help. If you will not agree
help me, then I will understand you. But I want to come to see you so
much. I don't take my vacation in this year, so I can take it in any
time. I think if we will be together, then we will learn much more new
about each other. And I want to know you better so much. Ok, dear I
hope that you will be agree to meet me. Don't be afraid, I will note
bite you. LOL. Dear I must go now, because my free time is off and I
have something to do, but I promise write you tomorrow! Bye for now!
Have a nice day! Kiss, Anna!

July 13 2007

Hello my dearest Buck! How are you doing? I'm fine. I wasn't not able
find place for myself. So I visited travel company today and found out
that I needing for trip to you. I learned many useful information.
Many people think that trip from Russia is very hard. But this is not
truth. Because most of people think that Russia is still USSR. :)
Russia is democratic country like others, like yours for example. So
this is not very hard for me to visit you. If course here some
troubles, but I think that people in all deals could have troubles. So
I learned that information from travel agency. The most easy way to
come to you use travel agency because they give help with visa and
tickets. So this is best choice for me to learn much more about my
trip. Tourist visa to you country is very hard to get. But if I don't
have any friends in your country. So if you will invite me then it
will more easy to visit you. I don't needing in invitation letter, I
just must write your details (full name, address,contact phones, work
place) in application for visa. Then embassy will check it and I will
get my visa in 2-6 days. This is depend from how much busy embassy
with visas. This is cost not much around 50 US dollars. Don't worry
that I don't write you price in rubles, because in Russia tell price
more easy in US dollars or Euro. We use that kind of money here often.
But with tickets situation is more harder. Tickets is rally expensive
for me and I can't afford it to myself. Tickets cost around 1300 US
dollars. You know that it much for me and I can't afford it for
myself. And else other trouble. I must buy tickets for my first trip
to you here by myself, by my own money. Because this is will proof
embassy that I have enough money for my trip to you. This is law here
and I can't do anything with it. I think that my trip is very
expensive for me, and for you. It would be really great to meet you.
But I don't see how I can do it. I don't like to ask for help from
other people. But without your help I can't visit you. Don't think
that I ask your for money. I just tell you truth. I want to meet you.
And I hope that we will get a chance! I got to go now! Kisses and
hugs! Love! Yours, Anna!

July 15 2007

Hello my dearest *****! I was very surprised to know what your real
name isn't Buck! We speak so long but you told me your real name only
now, why? May be I don't know something imporntant else? As I told
you, I can't afford tickets. It mean that i can't borrow that money
tickets in rubles cost 33800, most of my friends and I earn not more
then 10000 rubles, my parents earn 14000 per months together, so
nobody willnot give me somuch money, just because nobody haven't such
money. As you know, I will not come to you if you will not help me
with money! I don't know how to proofyou what I'm real. I'm real
likeyou! Money isn't important for me. I looking for serious
relationship and I think what can have it with you. And I'm not gonna
lose you, because of money! If you will send it tome then you will see
what I'm real. You will see me in airport, as I promise! It's your
choice! Kiss and hugs! Love, Anna!

July 16 2007

Hello my dearest *****! How are you? I'm fine and very happy to get
reply from you. Your letters like light of sunshine for me. I really
want to come to you and not trying get money from you. You could be
sure! I can't pay for my trip, because it very very expensive for me.
It would be nice if you can send me 1300 US dollars it's round-trip
tickets around 1700 CAD. I can take my holiday tomorrow. So I wish
come to you in closest time. I was in travel agency again today. And
asked about best way how to send money. She told me, what you can use
Money Gram money transfer system, to send money to me too.. You can
find MG in banks,big stores, airports and etc. But more easy find it
in bank. You come to MG, fill out the blank and give money. Operator
give you money transfer control number to you, you must say it to me.
Oh! I forgotten. In blank you must write my full name (Evdokimova
Anna) country,and city. I'm very happy what we can be together soon!
I'm very excited. Ok, dear I got to go now! Hope to hear from you
soon! Kiss and hugs! Love, Anna!

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    she's using the name Natalia...and she's also on Lavalife

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    Her name is Dina