Anna Kulagina, Moscow Russia

First Name:Anna
Last Name:Kulagina
Birth Date:May 5, 1981
Hairs color:Brown
Eyes color:Brown
Children:Has no children
Education:Medical school

  • Redflowersend
  • (26, 9, 07)

    i want women from 19-35 for marrage from ukrane or russia .

  • Jason
  • (29, 8, 07)

    Does this email sound familar to anybody? right now, she's asking me to transfer her 1300 us dollars to her, so she can fly out to see me.

  • (1, 7, 07)

    Hello I have been scammed after we write to each other since november I was a fool.but now its happend.And i want to stopp her.Her name is NNAYAK from vladinir 31 years old.I meet her first at r also use a mail address and
    and shes name is Mariya Somova Street komissarova house 41 apartment 27 Vladimir.and i want to black list her forever.where can i send the photos i have many.she also use another name on her girlfriend.Anna hwat can i do to scamm her with photoand everything.
    Sincerly Paal.

  • Keith Kirkby
  • (15, 8, 07)

    Yes guys, she or they seem to be all over the sites.I have time faults from There computers. Based on GMT Time. The emails recieved are either + 2 hours or + 4 hours. That says they are in more than one place. A group of people springs to mind. Her contact is now Natalia or Natasha. Also called Yana. I know that one is running from a home computer. This is the BAT system, which is not used in the internet caffes. This is simalar to the micrsoft home computer. I also have some new pictures that she is using, but not sure how to place them on this site. And i know for you who have lost money she is on Type in yana. ukrane. good luck. Keith.

  • Johnnyboy
  • (17, 6, 2010)

    beware you guy,s,,,these lot will drag you under..go to
    a reputable dating not send any money to them not matter how they tell you that they love you so very much..BEWARE KEEP YOUR MONEY SAFE IN YOUR BANK married to a russian a british citizen,and she never asked for money while we got to know each other...johnnyboy..

  • Anthony nowakowski
  • (11, 11, 08) I have been writing to this person for a few weeks has anybody ever heard of her before?

  • Tony
  • (22, 7, 07)

    You too?? i just sent her 1450 amd to come to

  • Not quite a fool ;)
  • (16, 7, 07)

    I am communicating with this Anna right now and she wants help with her plane ticket... lol a little search and volla!! Address she is uses now is LMAO how pathetic!

  • (2, 3, 06)

    you have anna kuligana ID on your site and the same lady (photo) is on another site as elena from uszbekistan,but much taller.from your site to the yeva4u site she's growing from 169cm to 180cm.on your site she's from moscow.
    to control on yeva4u site:her ID:2306909

    same photo and maybe scam