Kristina Alexandrova, Cheboksary Russia

festival 30-74
city cheboksary

  • Alberto
  • (5, 6, 07)

    She also uses She contact me in She hasn´t tried to scam me yet, but she will. I found her yesterday here. Thank you very much to all of you

  • John
  • (25, 4, 07)

    She uses the mail
    Be careful with this mail

  • Beto
  • (25, 9, 07)

    Hi guys she is also using the name Irina Gorneva, from Kirov, Russia. Address Street Pugacheva, d. 27 ys. Here in Mexico she's scamming many people.

  • (20, 3, 07)

    im an swedish man that have meet a wonderfull girl from cheboksary in russia, Kristina Alexandrova.but shes intentions is to scam me.

  • Ramiro
  • (5, 4, 07)

    This girl also have ads in Mexican pages. Be careful.

  • Luis
  • (17, 6, 07)

    Thanks pals… Here at Spain, I received email from her at my Match inbox!!! She introduced herself as Marina Isaeva. (from Cheboksary), I request her to stop writing to me, when her emails had the similar content and structure as those used Oksana:

  • (20, 3, 07)

    this big scamer girl kristina

  • Ricardo
  • (28, 9, 07)

    Esta persona entra en y te envía correos para que te pongas en contacto con ella, dicendote que sus amigas han encontrado el amor por internet y que ella lo esta buscando... Cuidado!!! Con el nombre de Irina y el correo

  • Juanma
  • (24, 4, 07)

    Be careful users of This girl is there. In Spain. Be careful.

  • Bourne ultimatum
  • (5, 2, 08)

    This Girl is operating under a new name now;its Oksana Semenova,she is using the name of an actress from the movie The Bourne Ultimatum.Watch out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tino
  • (14, 9, 07)

    hi guys, she also used under the name of Irina 30 years old. from brandenburg Germany. She entered match com in mexico, take care. I am scambaiting her to make her waste time. bye

  • Giorgio
  • (17, 5, 08)

    I am inn contact with a girl from Kirov. Her name is Natalya and her e-mail
    Is she a scammer?