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Oksana Gromovaya, Lugansk Ukraine

from Oksana Gromovaya, she is the sister of Svetlana Parshkina who is scamming as well.

> Concern: dating scammer Oksana Gromovaya Oksana Gromovaya, Lugansk,
> Ukraine, 27 years old, with a daughter called Alina Address: 91000 Lugansk,
Ukraine Mail :
> Born : december 1st, 1979 Site :
Oksana lives
> with her sister Svetlana Parshkina in Lugansk. In august 2007 a group of
> 25 men from all over the world found out that they had been betrayed by
> the two sisters, they took thousands (!) of dollars for passports,
> dentists, language classes etc. from these men at the same time. Like
> her sister Sveta she writes very personal e-mails and makes you feel very
> special, probably most of that text is generated and invented by her
> translator Diana from Russia.

  • Adolph
  • (18, 10, 07)

    All three, both sisters and the translator Diana are full time scammers. Little did they know that someone would connect the dots and establish the family relationship. Svetlana wrote about her niece Alina, and separately Olga, wrote about her child Alina. It is the same homely kid you see in the picture above with her mother, Olga. The moment you see the word 'Lugansk', beware. It is a hotbed of scammer activity.