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Olga, Odessa Ukraine

I got this letter from a woman claiming that she is living in Odessa. I have reason to believe that she`s nothing but a scammer. She has a profile in and i wrote to them about this lady without but thay never replyed my letter. You can read her profile by following this link:

This is what she wrote:
I'm pleasure to read your letters. Thanks your for them. I want you to open me completely, to open me all your mysterious and desires. I am feeling a very big inclination to you and I am feeling you are so near to me. I want you to give a chance to enter to your life, to admit me in your heart and in your fate. I want very much you to allow me to say that there isn't your life and my life - there is only "our life". I want very much you my beloved man to recognize that nobody will love you so strong and selflessly like me. I will make all possible and impossible you to be happy. And I am really want very much to come to your wonderful country. You will be able to show me your favourite places. It will be so romantic. Now I have the holidays and I am able to come to you. My parents know a very good travel agency. And they trust them very much. Our family-friends travel through this organisation. This company is very reliable and has a very big experience in the market of travels.You can connect with the to organise my trip to you. Their e-mail is I hope you wil connect with them and we will be together very soon and enjoy each other and our love. Your Olga

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    Looks like, they (or Olga) promote this travel agency: "negritatour".