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Inna Shabdarova, Kirov Russia

LastName Shabdarova
Name Inna
BirthDate 9 August 1978
Age 29
City Kirov
Country Russia

  • (20, 8, 07)

    says, live in Kiro, live right in Yoskar-Ola. have a other name. this is a very good und clever scam-woman. i have many other pictures und many many letters,(money-letters).

  • Mark
  • (20, 8, 07)

    do you have any more pics? i believe i may be in correspondence with this girl now! unfortunately, i have already sent her some money.. mark.

  • Mark
  • (20, 8, 07)

    yes! it's her i'm sure! i'm in email chatter with her right at this moment! i'm dissapointed...