Sveta Skornyakova, Kirov Russia

First Name:Sveta
Last Name:Skornyakova
Birth Date:February 9, 1976
Hairs color:Ginger
Eyes color:Brown
Children:Has no children

  • (14, 12, 05)

    Another scammer for you.

    I am a little sad about this one !!! I thought she was real for a moment and liked her letters :-(((

    she was very fast ... but she has just asked for money for internet - cafe ($300) as if an internet cafe would allow such an account`!!!!!!

    here is part of the letter where she asked for money. I just spent an hour searching, I am certain it is Galina Pavlova, I attach her photo from "". I have her listed as "Pushkino Str 25-36, the address is almost the same .. Pushkino Str 24-36. Also the "Russian Tea Room" as "Svetlana Pavlova" also

    it matches the photos I have quite well. The give away (apart from falling in love in 3 weeks) was that her date of birth did not match, the profile says 09.02.76, she told me 20.10.77.

    I'm a little sad :-(( this is the downside of this .. men (like me) get hurt!!! Please "blacklist" her quickly...