Sveta Novoselova, Ivanovo Russia

First Name:Sveta
Last Name:Novoselova
Birth Date:October 29, 1976
Hairs color:Blond
Eyes color:Blue
Children:Has no children

  • (17, 10, 05)

    Antiscam Guest writes "I was contacted By a woman of name Sveta. She told me that she see my add in a yahoo personal add. She was very loving and send me a lot of pictures. I little by little start believing in her words of love. She seem real to me.

    One day she told me she did not want to loose me and that she will come to me in USA. I told her that I will send her the money necessary for the trip. After I send her the money for the ticket $750 dollars plus charges. She ask to me for $500 dollars more for some kind of insurance to fly after september 11. I send her this money.

    After a few days of not knowing nothing about her. She tell me this story of beeing robbed in the Moscow underground and that she lost her passport. She told me to send her the money in the name of her granmother Svetlana Novoselova because the agency had her passport.

    The thing that did not matc h was that she told me in her story that everything was taken away but her passport. That she cried to a millitia man and that nothing could be done.

    Then when i ask her why the insurance has been lost after she payed for it. She told me that she had to ask at the agency. She came back with the urgent need of $800 dollars in order to recover all the documents.

    After this I start suspecting of all the strories that did not match up and told her that it will take weeks for me to gather the necessary money. One day I told her that I safe $400 dollars allreadyfor her trip. She told me in one email that she was running out of money and that she will not have a chance of contacting me anymore. But that she will need $400 dollars to replace her documents.

    I lost all this money plus the almOST $100 dollars of charges at Western Union. Plus the painful emotional distress of having the expectancy of meeting her.