Katya Ivanova, Kazan Russia

First Name:Katya
Last Name:Ivanova
Birth Date:November 20, 1982
Hairs color:Brown
Eyes color:Green
Children:Has no children

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    Used pictures of a Russian actress

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    Name of Russian scammer:Usova Marina Sergeevna, Marinka, Bahtinochkaaa Email: bahtinochkaaa@yahoo.co.uk In short:In January 14, 2010 Marina entered to the Croatian portal for connecting people called Iskrica (Sparky) and found me.She sent me the first photo and own profile description,and began to write many warm and tender e-mails from the Internet cafe...Under the pretext that all Russian men are egoists,Marina wanted to come to me in Zagreb to marry and build a family with me.She have not money for tickets and visa,and I sent her the money with Western Union.At the Moscow airport, the police punish her with a large penalty of even 2600 EUR,because she wanted to give me a valuable Russian icon.It should be a surprise gift when she comes to me.Then Marina says that she will be imprisoned, if she do not pay the penalty.She returns home and she wants of me
    the money.I do not more send the money, because I doubt in this story.In the meantime, I had sent her a birthday gift with express mail (EMS).The parcel is not delivered, because the address was incorrect(that street has only 40 houses),but Marina picked up that parcel in the postal office,probably with a fake passport.Although Marina is mentioned that she has not the telephone,she has called me many times,allegedly from a public 'cable point of calls',but I discovered that she calls over the Russian mobile operators.For more details about this scammer,please feel free to contact me.
    January 15,
    2010:Hello my friend!!!!!! For me was pleasure to receive news from you! How your day? I think well! I was good! At us today very awful weather. In the street very coldly also is not present what sun. Ivery much am interested in you. I search for serious attitudes what to create strong, loving family. Today I send you 1 to a photo, I hope beautiful truth. What can I tell more about myself directly? My age29. Mine birthday 29.01. 1980. my growth 175. My weight 57. Hair -The the light. I love a variety in appearance.Eyes - brown. I have no children. I love a life. I like towake up in the mornings and to not know, that will present me new day.I like to laugh and see when people are dared. I love sports. I twotimes a week go to pool and I am engaged there. I like to travel,though I never was abroad. Now I dream find the person with which Ican to construct family and to live together with him. The main thing,that this person would understand me. Unless you do not think so? Ithink, th
    at the main thing in the person, that at him in soul, insteadof what it externally. I want, that the person was intellectual andalive with sensation of humour. I think, that we have good chance toknow each other better... Winter my favourite season of year, I liketo look, how the nature comes to the senses after autumns. I lovesnow. Snow it is fine entertainment for children. Children are thefuture of our planet and on Them all our hope, they bring pleasure. Ibelieve, that the main love in my life will still arrive, the god willhelp me with it. My favourite films now: 'Titanic' and 'Night patrol'.I work from 8 mornings till 17 evenings every day except for Saturdayand revivals. During the lunchtime or after work I come in theInternet of cafe. Also I write to you letters. I have not enough timeand means for entertainments, therefore I cannot allow me good rest.Why I search for the person in more about me. Because here in Russiaall men egoists also do not care at all of women,
    can simply beat themor humiliate. Please ask me that interests you. I shall answer yourquestions. But if I shall not answer your questions do not takeoffence. I it means cannot understand. As it is my first experience ofdialogue in the Internet. I write letters from the Internet of cafeand he unfortunately sometimes happens is closed. I with impatienceshall look forward to hearing from you. With greetings from RussiaMarina.

    This is Marina's letter sent in February 6, 2010:Congratulations my love xxxxx !!!I am very glad to receive from you your new letter.I with impatience hoped to receive news from you.I very persistently am absent on you and I wish to be only with you together.I hope, that we very soon will together.I constantly think of you and about our meeting.You are valid very much persistently you became love,and now I do not wish to lose you. I wish to be only with you together.My favourite, I hope, that you will send me this money, and then I will arrive to you.I very much hope for your help.My prince xxxxx I have a reliable and fast way as you can. Send me this money.Now I will explain you it. In our city it is big use of people the company Western Union.You know about such company? To you only It necessary to search for it in a city.It is very known the company and on it I think, that it will be better,if you send me money through this company.Now I wish to explain to you how you can to send money through this company.It is necessary for you to take money and the passportand to count the company as the Western Union.When you will be the Western Union included in bank,you should fill the form for transfer from money.To fill the form, you should define my information.Now I want you, the information will inform you in such a manner that to demand,send to me money. I will be better than love if when you send me money.You are do not define the city name. Thus I can receive money in any bank.The manager in bank to me has told,that sometimes they have a bad communications with this company and on it I should go to other city to receive money.With that end in sight I ask, that you have not defined this name of city.I hope, that you understand me my love.My love only you should define my information correctly.You should write down each letter as I have written now to you.And I hope, that you will not do what error.My prince as once you will send me money you, should inform me all information,that I could receive this money. I ask here this information from you:The sum which you will send me?Your name?Your surname?The country?City?The city, whence has sent money?The post code?The address?MTCN?I think, that you had a question that such MTCN. I wish to explain to you it.MTCN - symbolical ten codes that to you will give in bank, when you will send me money.You study all information in bank, when you will go to send me money.My love now you know all the informations how to send me money.I hope, that you can use the company the Western Union to send me money.I really wish to meet you, because I assured, it together we will be happy.My favourite I hope that you can send me money within next days.I am very persistent love you, and I wish to be as soon as possible with you together.My favourite I very constantly I am absent on you.My favourite very much, very much I hope, that you will help mebecause I am valid, I wish to meet You.And you are very persistent to live, I simple can not without You.You the person of my dream and I wish to be together with you.Now I will finish the letter, and I hope, that tomorrow I will see your new letter.With love Marina.

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    this girl is scammer, she used other name ans surname.