Repina Nataliya, Kirov Russia

Country Russia
City Kirov
Birth Date 7 May 1976
Height 170 cm / 5'7"
Weight 52 kg / 114 lbs
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Grey
Children I have no children.
Education College
Profession Expert beautician

I suspected her and send the email, that was unusual text, taken from the internet. Today, she has replied, she says that she likes my letter and that is now in love with me (it is her 3rd letter), She uses another address also

Letter #

Hello my love xxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so am glad to your letter. It is
pleasant, that you have studied my some ideas in last message.dear, I
usually do not speak about deep ideas and opinions, but to you have
written, because felt desire to open it to you. I more compelled
person, but probably sometimes am necessary, that one person was,
which, I can to open and trust - sometimes frequently it, happens,
hardly reflects it is necessary all these things. I am pleased, which
has found in you understanding me, you see, that it happens not
frequently. It was pleasant for me to receive from you again the
letter. I was so is happy when saw your letter today when I came in
cafe to read your letter. I very much want to see many your photos, I
shall be glad if you to me will be as it is possible to send the
photos more often! I understand that you want to use to know me the
best, it means that I can conduct with you further our dialogue. My
work very much is pleasant to me, therefore I always with pleasure go
for work. I very much like to see beautiful people and consequently I
try on the work that my clients were pleased with the beauty, I spoke
you that I work in a beauty salon. What do you think of children? Tell
to me in detail, in fact children this happiness! I know that children
most of all like toys! In fact children become the happiest children
in the world when it buy toys. And more it is necessary nothing to
children, except for that as toys. In fact with toys they can embody
much in the life. They it is possible so to say feel that toys alive,
and they with toys play as with present. And toys also prepare for the
world of adult people that it was not difficult for them to live in
the future. Whether still I want to know to know my letters like you?
I hope, that we with you further can use to know each other better and
we can meet. I very strongly like to travel, I earlier when was the
student I travelled to other countries. I shall be glad to visit once
again abroad, I want to visit your country, I think that it can come
true. It is my dream. I think that to it is fated to come true.
Believe me at me except for you now who is not present. I hope that we
can meet you soon. You to me have very much liked that you the sincere
person. My heart prompts me, that you that the man which are necessary
for me. Which will respect and love me, this most important for me. I
shall be glad to love such person. I shall be glad to prepare you for
a meal when you will come from work. You probably know, that Russian
women like is tasty to prepare. I present as we with you have met. As
I have taken you for a hand and we together went holding each other
for hands. And you have kissed me all over again in a cheek and then
in lips. Lovely as I want it. Then we with you moved to you home and
you acquainted me with the family and friends. Then you have suggested
to move to me to restaurant for a supper. I to you have told that
better that if we with you will have supper at you at home. You with
me agree? And then the next days probably we would go in restaurant
what to be only together. To drink red wine from glasses. You prepared
me for a surprise giving roses. At me very magnificent feeling was
simple. I very much love you and I miss on you. I with impatience
shall wait from you for the letter, you my lovely!!! Your love
Nataliya!!! KISS!!!

  • Anubhavananda dasa
  • (3, 8, 07)

    I just want to mention this Repina Natalia looks very much like the Oksana Gaysina that was emailing me, until I told her to not email me again if she insisted I open my bank account for her friend to put money in, for me to fax through the western union to her so she could have the money to fly to me. She still insisted she did not want my money, and only wanted me and will always love me. The photo above looks frightenlingly like her in the photos she sent me. I am not positive though. Do these girls have many other identities?

  • Tam
  • (27, 10, 07)

    can anyone give me more information about a girl called milaya or darja

  • Rene
  • (15, 8, 07)

    She also sends a fake passport photo and visa now...

  • Ajay
  • (18, 5, 07)

    I was approahed by a Natalia Ohotnikova Her email address is
    Just wanted to know if she is a scammer. I already told her that Im not sending any money so dont ask for it. She wants to get to know me and if things work out marry me. If anyone know her let me know. The photo's above dont match hers....keep me posted

  • Dave
  • (5, 4, 07)

    What email is Natalia using to send her messages? I may be talking to her too.